Everything You Wanted to Know More About Podiatry and Its Services

Podiatry is a branch of medical science that deals with the study of ankle, leg and foot. An individual who successfully completes this study is termed as a podiatrist surgeon or physician. They are able to diagnose and treat various forms of disorders through the knowledge, skill and competence they have acquired from their qualification and study.  In fact, a certified podiatrist has to undergo three years of rigorous training at a reputable pediatric medical school and then this is followed by internship training at the hospital.


Best thing is that podiatrists have different areas of expertise and specializations, they can go in for wound care, sports medicine, diabetic care, surgery and pediatrics. On the completion of training, the doctors are recognized with DPM Doctor of Pediatric Medicine. Therefore, when you are searching for the best podiatry services near you then you should never forget to consider the specialization of the doctor and then choose the one who you think will best according to your needs.

Common Disorders Tackled by Doctors of Podiatry Services

Podiatry Services
Podiatry Services

Podiatrists specialize in numerous fields and handle different conditions. Some of them being:

  • Athlete’s Foot: Formation of fungus in an intolerable manner leads to athlete’s foot. Studies reflect that it mainly occurs in moist, warm and dark environment; the skin becomes dry and causes inflammation, blisters and itching. If you see the symptoms, then immediately contact the nearest podiatry Centre.

Diabetic Ulcers: It is seen that in diabetic patient’s sores and wounds develop on the feet, they then get infected by bacteria and other harmful pathogens and ulcers are formed. In such a case one should visit a Podiatrist immediately.

  • Bunions: These are small bumps that occur beneath the big toe and start to swell, pain and with time it gets rough and leads to redness of skin. podiatrists believe that faulty development, type of shoes, the way you walk, congenital deformities, neuromuscular disorder and foot injuries are some of the major causes of bunions. 
  • Fungus Nails: There are times when fungus can breed beneath the surface of nail. Such type of fungus is called as onychomycosis that makes the nail smell bad and even turns it darker. When not treated on time then the infection can spread to different nails, affecting one’s daily routine in a dramatic manner.
  • Sports Injuries: This is yet another common problem seen and treated by podiatry centers including Achilles tendon ruptures, foot and ankle sprains and tendinitis.

Are Podiatrists Able to Perform Surgery?

Podiatry Treatments
Podiatry Treatments

Absolutely yes! The podiatrist surgeons are trained to operate the foot, ankle or any other segment of the lower leg. The procedures that are often used in podiatry services are hammertoe reconstruction, ligament reconstruction, tarsal tunnel release, excision of neuroma, bunion correction and plantar fascia surgeries.

When Should You Contact a Podiatrist and How Much Does It Cost?

The right time to contact a professional podiatrist is the moment one starts suffering from ankle or foot pain, itching or any other unexpected symptoms. Taking the assistance of a certified professional from a podiatry center can help in taking the essential precautionary steps that would prevent the formation of any sort of complications and diseases.

There is no fixed cost associated with your visit to the podiatrist, as the problems may differ from person to person. However, it is   influenced by a wide range of factors such as the type of symptoms, type of foot aliments that may prevail, type of treatment required and whether one has an insurance for the services.

Do you like to know more about podiatry and its services? Let’s go to the details to get few more information about it.


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