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Choosing The Ideal Curtains and Blinds to Renovate the Style of Your Home

Curtains and blinds form a vital part of room decoration. With either of these or correct combination of both, one can achieve excellent results. Many a time one gets confused which one to choose. There are different varieties and designs that you get for curtains and blinds, but it is important to find out the material that you choose and whether the materials are washable, can easily be maintained, and what is their approximate cost.

Curtains and Blinds
Curtains and Blinds

Things to Consider Before Buying Curtains and Blinds

  • Privacy – this is the most important question that one should ask. Depending on the room type, location or surrounding, the privacy levels expected matter. Like, if the room is on ground, first or second levels then consider buying drapes which help maintain the privacy of home. Same goes for bedrooms. While living/ dining rooms can be compromised a little on privacy and give importance to natural light but privacy in bedrooms is a must.
  • Natural light factor– rooms where one wants more natural light can consider drapes with thin texture which would allow maximum light inside while maintaining some amount of privacy level. Using layering with different texture and material of curtains would also serve the purpose of blocking light when not required. This result could also be achieved with light material curtain.
  • Type of surrounding – mostly for offices and commercial settings blinds are in use as they block sunlight and heat. All modern business set ups thus rely on blinds. For homes mostly drapes are used for informal ambience in single layer or double layer to block light when not required as well as maintain privateness. It is also important to choose the curtains and blinds keeping in mind the ambience that you have. You can choose these for your home decoration, but the lighter varieties in pastel shades can be chosen for the official set ups as well.
curtains and blinds Mornington
curtains and blinds in Mornington

How to Select the Right Curtains?

  • Curtains come in various textures and fabric cotton, satin, silk, mixed fabric, embroidered, velvet, they are all available. Also thick texture or light see through type materials are there. They either have to be dry cleaned or washed at home depending on the type of fabric.
  • Various curtain designs one can select from a wide range of designs to get them custom made or are readily available.
  • Hanging with hooks or fabric – depending on the design, hooks or curtain material itself is used for hanging. Using hooks is the traditional method. Flat loops made of same fabric can be used or box pleats or pencil pleats style can be followed.
  • Available in various colours, prints and patterns there is a wide range of colours either solid or different patterns and prints that one can select from. Both curtains and blinds now have many options to be selected from.
  • Various rod designs – one can also opt for various rod designs; simple, traditional, elaborate with side decorations or modern and sleek pattern.

Selecting Blinds

 Like curtains they also come in various colours, patterns, fabric and prints, as well as in different styles:

  • Rollers – these are pretty simple ones which roll up from bottom to top.
  • Vertically opens – these blinds move vertically to open.
  • Venetian blinds – these blinds stay horizontal and can be opened at an angle to let light in moderate levels. They can also be pulled up.
  • Roman style blinds – these blinds produce nice falling pleats when pulled up horizontally.
  • Pleated style blinds – these are made using hard and stiff material to give it a solid texture form.

The market is full of choices for curtains and blinds and keeping the design and functionality in mind one should select that suit him/ her best.

Hope this above mentioned information help you in selecting the right curtains and blinds for your home decoration.


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