What Are the Automobile Authentication Issues Related to Your Car’s Pink Slips?

When you buy a new car or a resale car, you will get your pink slip which states about the detailed information of your car. This is a part of the registration of your car given by the state authority, and it is necessary to carry this slip with your driving license during the driving of your car. In this slip, you will find your car number, registration code, car model, insurance details and the validation of the pink slip. Most of the slips are validated for lifelong period and you need to renew these pink slips after a stipulated time. If you sell your car then you have to transfer the name of the registration through the state motor vehicle authority, and they will issue a new pink slip with the new registration number along with the new owner’s name.

Car’s Pink Slips
Car’s Pink Slips

Here is a Complete Summary of What You Can Expect in This Document-

  • Vehicle Information

As listed above, this document comprises of various details related to the vehicle information relating to number of the vehicle, the year of manufacturing, what kind of make is the car, etc. which all include some basic information about the vehicle. In this slip you will find the detailed information of the insurance and on-road regulation of the state authority.

  • License Plate Number

Your license plate number too would be listed here. So basically this small document is enough proof to show that you are a vehicle owner and is very useful if you don’t have the actual car papers with you. During driving you need to carry your license and similarly this pink slip is the registration and license of your car which needs to be shown to the authority for any penalty issues. If you do not carry this document, then the police can file a case on your car and you need to pay the penalty fees according to the government norms.

  • Other Information

There is also a lot of technical information available on this document or pink slip. The taxation regime is also listed here, base on the motive power of the car, its actual or gross weight and the price when the vehicle was purchased. In particular, you would need this for insurance or re-selling of the car.

The Mandatory Enclosure of the Pink Slips:

As the owner of the vehicle, the pink slip would also include your name and address as the “registered owner” of the car. Once you sell the car, the slip too gets transferred to the new owner. Also, in case money is owed on the vehicle, then you would be listed as the lien-holder or even legal holder

  • In case the vehicle is financed or taken on loan, then the owner would possess the certificate of title, which in this case could be the bank or any other financial institution. In some states, the name of the owner along with moneylender is listed on the slip.
  • When you have sold your car to someone else, the DMV would receive your application for issuing a new pink slip. However, till all the legal documents are sorted, your name would continue to exist on the slip. It is also mandatory to apply for issue of new slip immediately post sale of the car.

For more details, you can consult with the car dealers and they will assist you get the pink slips of your car. In this regards you can also consult with the state authority who issues the pink slips, and if you find any unmatched information in this pink slips then you need to contact with them and make the correction in the pink slips accordingly.


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