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Top Stone Benchtops for Your Kitchen and Their Advantages

A stone benchtop is a functional and sensible addition to your kitchen tops. As the name suggests, these are usually made of stone but in many cases they are also made of a blend of stone and some wood, or stone and metal and other similar combinations. These benchtops enhance the look of your kitchen and are also very easy to maintain and clean. Sure there is a one-time investment cost here but if you do the math, in the long run you benefit with easier cleaning, a richer look and also sustainability.

Kitchen Benchtop
Kitchen Benchtop

Here Are Some Different Types of Stone Benchtops That You Can Consider for Your Kitchen Space and Their Benefits-

Choose from Different Versions of Engineered Stone

This is one of the popular ranges of benchtops available these days, which give you the flexibility of stain-resistance. These are made from non-porous stones that are sturdy and have a nice and smooth finish. There’s so much going on in the kitchen and you are constantly spilling things here and there. So stain is something that you have to deal with everyday. But thanks to these stone benchtops, you are sorted. Being resistant to stains, you don’t have to rush for the soap and vinegar to get rid of the stain. Just wipe the stone when everyone is done with their meals and you will notice that there are no stains left! Plus, another plus point with these engineered stones is that they are able to handle hot objects.

Why Would You Choose Natural Stone for Benchtops?

Stone Benchtops
Stone Benchtops

If you are looking for durable and sustainable option as natural stone has a nice rugged look and yet provides you with the versatility of smoother cleaning and it also adds to your decor, natural stone benchtops are highly recommended here. These are made using natural stone instead of the engineering ones, but nevertheless you get state-of-the-art finish. Again, these too are resistant to stains and also are non-porous. They have a strong solid stone construction, which makes them low-maintenance. You can pick from a range of colors and varieties here. These too are able to handle very high amounts of heat with direct contact. They may be a little higher on the cost front, but you can be assured of least maintenance and quality issues for your years to come.

How Can You Use Acrylic Benchtops?

These too are a sensible option for kitchens who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, which is sturdy and durable. These stone benchtops too make use of a non-porous surface that can be replaced time and again. These also come with added warranty of around 7 years, which gives you the option of replacement and repair.

Blend of Stone and Wood

These days, there is an also the flexibility of getting a blend of wood and stone here. In such cases, timber turns out to be a wood type that really blends well with stone. You can opt for a combination of both here because like stone benchtops, timber is easier to clean and maintain too. Plus, it creates a niche design for your kitchen.

With so many options available for your kitchen benchtop or tabletop, you are spoilt for choices. Pick a stone type that suits your budget and of course decor needs. But be assured that with a sensible invest in stone benchtop you are sorted about your kitchen needs for years to come. Plus, you can actually let the kids enjoy their meal without worrying about spills and stains. There are many designs that are available with the kitchen design professionals and you can contact them regarding the levels of customization, after discussing the estimate with them.


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