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The Different Choices In Fireplaces

Fireplaces are considered as the heart of a home. These work as the focal point and can enhance the space, increasing the value of a home. Most people who want to buy a new home, are more inclined towards homes with a fireplace, be it the traditional or even the wood burning ones. Besides being able to offer the comfort required in those cold and harsh winters, fireplaces are able to provide an architectural element to the exteriors as well as the interiors. As these can be easily maintained, they work out to be a sensible investment.

Benefits of opting for A Fireplace

Different Point and Features of Fireplaces

  • Gas Fireplaces

These fireplaces tend to burn natural gas unlike the wood fireplaces. Gas Fireplaces reconstructed similar to the wood burning fireplaces on the traditional side. This has a fire box with a vent towards the chimney. The burning elements for these fireplaces can be flame slicking up through glass beads or ceramic logs which appear like real logs. The benefit of these fireplaces is that you can easily convert them into fireplaces for burning of wood. Easy and convenient to use, these require just a push of a button. You can also choose between the vent less fireplaces or the direct vent fireplaces. The direct ones are able to draw the air from the outside without any requirement of a chimney as the gas is let off directly. These fireplaces of the ‘direct’ kind can emit a large amount of heat. The vent less ones can be placed against the internal walls. These tend to com bust the air.

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces

This option is one of the oldest forms of a fireplace and is greatly valued due to its aesthetics. The sound, smell and look are all very appealing. Here, you need a place where you can store the logs required. Maintenance might be a tedious affair as you need to clean up the ashes and make sure the chimney is also clean. Screens are one requirement for these fireplaces as they tend to spit out embers which are burning. These also might work out less warm as they tend to let out heat from the chimney, more than the amount produced.

  • Ethanol Fireplaces

The Ethanol Fireplaces are fast gaining popularity as they are the latest ones available in the market these days. As this does not require any venting, they can be used anywhere in your home. Though Ethanol Fireplaces produce less heat, but work out sufficient. A little caution is required when handling this fireplace as it requires refilling and Ethanol is combustible.

  • Electric Fireplaces

These fireplaces can be termed as most ‘convenient’ as they can be incorporated easily. They are also cost effective and can fit in easily into any budget.  All that is required is to plug it into an outlet after you have read the instructions carefully. You can choose between the different designs available in these electric fireplaces.

 Benefits of Opting for A Fireplace

There are multiple benefits when you invest in a fireplace. It not only provides the required comfort but tend to be a practical option when facing a power cut. Not opting for a fireplace, especially if you are located in a place where the winters are harsh, can bring up your energy bills. This works out an energy efficient option to keep warm and comfortable.

Fireplaces also offers the required independence when dealing with the utility companies, as you can decide on the fuel to be used.


2 thoughts on “The Different Choices In Fireplaces

  1. Thank you for describing all types of fireplaces out there. I was browsing for some electric and bioethanol fireplaces here, and I want to know more about their features before we can buy one.


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