What Are the Multiple Uses and Benefits of Aggregate Concrete?

When planning on getting a patio, a driveway or simply a sidewalk, most people prefer to use concrete, gravel or asphalt. Right from the garden paths, to the patios and porches, you can get the best dimensions and colors, along with the textures and finishes for aggregate concrete that can enhance the aesthetic beauty and overall resale value of your home.

Aggregate Concrete Driveways
Aggregate Concrete Driveways

The Popular Uses of Aggregate Concrete

  • Use in Patios: Patios are on the outdoors of the house but still they make up a great living area for most families as they like to spend their time here. After the washing is done this leaves a smooth finish to the construction and this is the reason why most homeowners prefer to use this in their homes. Nowadays contractors use different sorts of aggregate concrete to provide the desired finishes to a building, and you can get some of the best ideas that can be incorporated by using colored stone and marble chips.
  • Use in Sidewalks: Sidewalks are an important addition to the main roads and a specialized area for the pedestrians to make sure that they are safe. The aggregate concrete is used in the construction of this specialized area to provide it stability, and a comfortable area for the pedestrians to walk in. Usually it provides a sleek finish but the process is not very simple, as it requires the work of master masons as any single mistake during concreting can prove to have an overall disastrous effect on the entire building structure.
  • Use in Driveways: The driveways are tricky areas and so these need a very strong structure to withstand wear and tear. The aggregate concrete is known for the resilience and so it is considered as a main choice by many people for their driveways. These are constructed well using the aggregate concrete and as a result there are increased chances of getting the best results with time. Both the top and the lower layers of the exposed aggregate concrete must be applied during the dry seasons, as during the monsoons, the concrete will not get dried up easily.

Benefits of Using the Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate Concrete
Aggregate Concrete
  • You Get a Strong Surface: The finish that you get with the aggregate concrete is solid and you can have a rugged interaction with it. Most of these surfaces have been known to last for even more than a decade and there are very less chances for a person to slip on these.
  • Great Flexibility: In the construction field the aggregate concrete is considered to be versatile approach in this regard. It matches very well with the wide range of options available in the market and mixes and matches very well with them.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The sidewalks and driveways that are made using these aggregate concretes are very easy for the maintenance and there is not a lot of time and money required to do so. All that you need to do is basic cleaning and some sealing whenever you find a need time and again. When you consider further enhancement of the aggregate concrete you can just scour the raised bits of the concrete with marble and stone, and then polish the upper surface of the concrete to get a high gloss finish.

There are a lot of such benefits with the aggregate concrete in the construction of various setups as mentioned above. The professionals are experienced in the construction with aggregate concrete and so they will be able to provide you with great results in the polishing, construction, color and texture of the setup that you opt for.


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