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Different Choice in Wooden Bi-Fold Doors and Maintenance

There are many reasons for the bi fold doors gaining popularity recent times. Besides the various options they are available in, there are a number of benefits attached to this. This seems to be a preferred choice for designers and architects. These doors can give the required spacious look to a home and bring the outside indoors. These doors offer a beautiful view even when they are closed, if you get it done in glass. In short, bi fold doors are an apt choice for any home.

Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors

There Are Different Tones to Choose from When Opting for Wooden Bi Fold Doors

  • Translucent stain for a natural look: Many homeowners prefer having a wood grain texture for their interiors. This offers an elegant look to the total setting of a home. For this, you need to opt for a finish of a natural wood stain of high quality, one which is translucent. You have a choice of the different tones of wood to blend well with your home. For that modern and sophisticated look, you can think of walnut and Ebony. Rosewood, mahogany or teak offer an elegant touch and the new oak or pine offer a fresh feel with their light tones.
  • Unfinished and Finished: In case you have a fixed budget, you can think of opting for the unfinished look but you need to be aware that some painting will be required on this. This might not provide the neat look you desire. The unfinished wooden bi fold doors require at least three coats of paint for these to last till the warranty period. You have the choice of getting a “finish” just before delivery of the doors. This can ensure that the work is done by professionals in the right manner. The doors painted in the factory are spray painted thus ensuring a tidy job.
  • Finishes of Bold Colors: Just like other materials, wooden bi fold doors can be bought in different colors. You have a choice of almost 200 colors. This wide range help you opt for the right color which blends well with your home. These colors are available in sheen for an effect which is subtle, a matte with minimum reflection. You can also think of the satin finish which has sheen and considered ‘attractive’.

Marinating the Wooden Bi Fold Doors

Wooden Bifold Doors
Wooden Bi-Fold Doors

A little maintenance of the wooden bi fold doors can help them last longer. For cleaning these doors, you need to wipe the surfaces with a cloth which is slightly damp. You can even use a detergent which is on the milder side. Make sure to dry this off with a dry cloth. You need to make sure the wood is sealed with the right sealant. For specific types of wood extra coats of the “finish” or the final touches is required after installation. The sealing needs to be done before the delivery and the installation of the wooden bi fold doors.

Cleaning of the Tracks:

Sliding wooden bi fold doors need the removal of debris, dust sand and other material on a regular basis. This works as a protection for the rollers and helps in the functional factor. Surface contaminants can be cleaned by all the surfaces being wiped with a soft cloth which is damp. You can apply some petroleum jelly with your finger tip or a spatula to the lip which is on the inner side of the track. Make sure the wheels pass through the track smoothly. The bearings also require lubricant from time to time as this can reduce the wear and tear and protect against the corrosion.



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