Selection and Maintenance of Grave Markers

Grave markers are made of strong and durable materials like bronze and granite. As like in other materials, these, too, require regular maintenance and cleaning. When opting to do this, it is advisable to take a lot of care so that there is no damage to this. There are many cemeteries which, due to lack of funding, are unable to maintain their sites. You might have to take special permission to visit the grave monument of your loved one so that you can maintain the grave with due respect.

Grave Monument of Your Loved One
Grave Monument of Your Loved One

Selection of Grave Markers: 

Before you opt for a specific grave marker you need to be aware of the rules and regulations of the specific cemetery. There are cemeteries which have specifications regarding this. Considering the factors listed you find it convenient to make a choice of the apt grave marker for your loved one.

  • Photo: This depends on you. In case you would like to have a photo, you can get one etched into the granite or bronze grave marker.
  • Design: You need to keep in mind the preferences of the deceased before you opt for a specific design. You can choose between the floral ones or probably one which is more simple.
  • Phrase: You have the option of adding few words about the deceased if there is enough space on the marker. Poetry and prose are also acceptable.

Cleaning of Grave Markers 

How you go about cleaning a grave marker totally depends on the age of the grave. You know you have to be gentle so that there is no uncalled-for damage on your loved ones grave. Listed below are few tips on the maintenance and cleaning of grave markers.

  • Bronze Grave Markers: This is one type of metal which tends to darken with the passing of time. You need to remove the debris and in case you wish to restore the bronze to its original shine, you will require professional help. Sweeping is required in case the grave marker is placed in a horizontal manner. Using a soft brush, you can scrub in a gentle manner between and around the letters. You need to rinse more than once. You can use soap which is non-ionic in case of stains.
  • Grave Markers of Natural Stone: Except for granite, other stones grave markers need scrubbing which is gentle. Granite can be scrubbed a little more rigorously. The surface can be cleaned with a wooden craft stick or a plastic scraper. It is advisable to ensure no materials which are harsh are used. Using detergents which we use at home can stain the grave marker.
Grave Markers
Grave Markers

Ordering the Grave Marker: 

There are a number of cemeteries which sell grave markers and if a specific cemetery does not do so you can think of ordering one online. Before this, you need to plan your budget and take into consideration the material you are looking for as there are multiple choices available.

It is advisable to find out the rules of a cemetery before you settle on a specific grave marker as there are number of cemeteries which have fixations about this. They can provide the required specifications which can save you from uncalled for problems later. If you have decided to buy online, make sure of the reputation of the chosen company and whether they are able to meet your requirements and expectations.

Put in some effort, time and research carefully so that you are not disappointed with the grave marker you choose and invest in grave marker. Errors can be avoided if you have the patience and the time.



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