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A Brief Insight into Caesar Stones and Their Bench Tops

There are different types of bench tops which are available in the market. The Caesar stone bench tops is one of the. Before getting into the details about these benchtops, it is essential to have some ideas about the Caesarstone. This stone is very attractive and steady. You can use it as your kitchen benchtop. You can find many texture and designs of this stone in the market, and you can decorate your kitchen with this stone.

Caesarstone Benchtops
Caesarstone Benchtops

What Are Caesarstones?

When it comes to Caesarstones, it is a type of quartz stone which is beautifully engineered and comprises natural quartz of more than 90%. The surfaces of these stones are ideal for any kind of work surface and can be used for kitchen benchtops, countertops, vanities, bathroom worktops, commercial interior and wall paneling.

  • These stones are available in 70 different colors; these stones offer a wide range of designs to choose from with different types of quality and mind blowing textures.
  • The surface of the Caesarstone quartz does not require any type of sealing and minimum amount of maintenance work needs to be put in to retain its color and shine.
  • The surfaces are hard and sturdy and it makes the process of cleaning very easy and simple. All that is required is water and soap to maintain the luster of the surface 

How Do You Install the Caesar Stone in Your Kitchen? 

The Caesar stones are manufactured after a thorough and complicated process. When you intend to install these stones benchtops in your kitchen, you need to go through a long process and you have to cut the stone as per your kitchen size, and then you need to mix the materials and fit it accordingly. After doing the entire installation, you have to polish these stones for getting the shining look.

  • Mixing and Feeding: At first the raw materials are being inspected, then they are blended together by feeding them into the mixture. 
  • Molding: In the second phase, the mixture is poured inside a mold in order to form slabs of size 120×57 inches. or 306×144 cm. 
  • Pressing: In this phase, the slabs are compacted with the help of a special vacuum and by using a vibration process where a pressure is applied of 100 tons. 
  • Curing: These slabs are then moved to the kiln and heat is applied to them for 45 minutes. They are being treated at a temperature of 90ºC. It is in this process; Caesar stones get their solidity and strength. 
  • Polishing: In this phase the slabs are calibrated, gauged and polished in order to attain a perfect finish in terms of color, texture and design. 

What Are the Benefits of Caesar Stone Counter Tops? 

Caesar Stone Bench Tops
Caesar Stone Bench Tops
  • The Caesar stone bench tops are made of highly engineered and attractive quartz stones which consist of more than 90% of natural quartz.
  • These bench tops have a strong and durable surface. Besides, they are also very attractive and decorative and would add more to the interior decoration of the kitchen.
  • These bench tops made from Caesar stone are of the highest quality and the last fort a long period of time. They are designed in such a manner so that they can withstand a lot of pressure and heavy load.
  • These bench tops are easy to clean and can be cleaned with the help of detergent, soap and water.

This Caesarstone is heavily demanded in the market, not only for their style and design, but also for their quality and durability. So, you can take benefit of Caesar stone bench tops.


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