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Why You Should Upgrade Your Kitchen with Stone Benchtops?

A stylish and durable stone benchtop can be a brilliant way of improving the effectiveness and aesthetics of your kitchen. These versatile benchtops can turn out to be lifetime investment if installed and maintained properly. So, installing stone benchtops should be an essential aspect of your home and kitchen improvement plans. Because with them, you can have a sturdy, robust and multi-purpose surface that can cater to your demands.

What Are the Different Types of Stone Benchtops?

The benchtops are broadly divided into two categories engineered stone and natural stone benchtops. Natural stone is usually built from marble or granite. Engineered stone consists of a combination of broken stone (mostly quartz), glass or shells and a resin bonding agent.

Stone Benchtops

Engineered stone benchtops do offer incredible aesthetic appeal, while natural stone has different design and patterns for various pieces of stone. This allows distinct patterns to be part of the same kitchen benchtop. Natural benchtops offer better durability and also are easier to maintain. Some engineered benchtops also have low heat sensitivity and can be damaged by long time exposure to heat. This makes it preferable to go for natural stone as compared to engineered stone.

How Much Do Stone Benchtops Cost?

The price range for benchtops varies rampantly from the marble being at the top of the expense charts and then granite and the engineered stone being the cheapest alternatives.

  • Granite benchtops: The advantages of granite are numerous with an attractive design being the main selling point. Granite is also extremely durable and hence is less viable to being chipped at the edges and damages in the middle as compared to marble or engineered stone benchtops. The major disadvantage of granite is that it is not an eco-friendly option also any dropped crockery will go to bits due to hard nature of the granite surface.
  • Marble benchtops: These are the most expensive but the most durable ones. Marble offers a liberty to pick up their choice of colors which granite may not provide. Marble is also softer than granite making it easy to work with and hence can give more freedom while designing. Also, the aesthetic pleasure offered by marble stone benchtops cannot be matched by any other. Its availability is another attractive feature.
  • Engineered Benchtops: These are the cheapest option among the three. They are usually made of 95% crushed quartz bound with 5% polymer resin; they can also use other widely available stones as per the requirement. Their aesthetic character is almost similar to that of natural stone as they are colored artificially which also provides a wide range of design choices making them the ideal choice for a quick kitchen redesign. They wear very well and are almost as sturdy as granite

Should You Revamp Your Kitchen with Stone Benchtops?

Kitchen Stone Benchtop

This is purely down to your budget. There are two clear options, one to choose an attractive benchtop and redesign and repaint your whole kitchen around it including the latest cupboard designs and other convenience tools. The other is to choose a marble or engineered stone benchtops that will suit the existing design of your kitchen and hence give you the best aesthetic.

The main focus should be on what you want to devote your maximum budget too. If you just want to redesign your kitchen during your home improvement, you could easily go for a marble kitchen top that could suit the existing color pattern of your kitchen. If your focus is on remodeling the kitchen on changing its looks then it is advisable to explore all options to decide the best among them according to your preferences.


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