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Why Install Timber Windows at Homes?

Timber Windows

The wood has been in use for ages. Especially its use for making the windows of the house is an age-old trend. Usage of timber is famous when it comes to the home furnishing, and just like the hardwood doors; many house owners prefer the windows to be made of the same material. Despite the availability of many cheaper materials in the market these days, the timber windows are still popular among the ordinary people, due to several remarkable advantages of installing these windows at their homes.

Benefits of Using Timber Windows for All Rooms of The House

Installing Timber Windows at Home
  • Imparts smooth appearance – The wooden windows or the timber frames of the windows look very sophisticated if installed in the rooms of any house. The timbers for windows are usually obtained from oak, maple or mahogany trees, from the certified forest areas. As the timber, can be sculpted or cut into various structural designs, the house owners can choose their windows from large varieties of stylish designs available in the market. Some artistic house owners even suggest their customized designs for the timber parts of their windows.
  • Puts on fine finishing touches – These windows can be made more attractive by putting on the paints of various colors and special glaze oils or varnishes. The windows are mostly colored, according to the color scheme chosen for the interior and exterior of the house. These windows of timber can also be repainted during the renovations of the house, as the paints coverage also may help in the proper maintenance of the windows.
  • Highly energy efficient – Like many other kinds of woods, timber has natural insulating property, for which the windows made from the wood can effectively retain the warmth of the rooms, by blocking the freezing temperature from seeping into the rooms through these windows. Therefore, these timber windows play a significant role in keeping down the electricity bills, mainly during the winters. Moreover, the glasses of the timber framed windows are insulated with the application of double or triple layers of glazing solutions.                             
  • Superb longevity – The windows made from the wood are very durable, due to the natural sturdiness of the wood. Due to the presence of a high volume of cellulose and tough fibers within the wood, the sound quality timbers can withstand all wear and tear for ages, even facing very harsh weather conditions. Many ancient buildings can still be found with intact windows, made of top quality timber. The application of the paints also helps in further extending the durability of a wooden window or the frame of the window.
  • Fetches good resale value – Due to the several advantages of having these windows of timber in the house, the resale property value of that house is sure to rise to a satisfactory level for the house owner. Hence, he will be able to make much profit, while selling his house to the interested buyer. Moreover, it is easier to find suitable buyers for that building, due to the presence of these useful windows.
  • Provides perfect security – As the timber frames of the windows are attached to strong hinges and multiple point locking systems, it is not possible for any unwanted outsider to break and open these windows and enter the house. Hence, it offers a higher sense of security to the residents of the place.
  • Suitable for the environment – The timber used in making the windows are perfectly recyclable in nature and hence, these woods do not create any unused waste for polluting the environment. Moreover, since it is a natural product, no harmful chemicals need to be emitted into the atmosphere, as happens during the production of other synthetic materials. The timber is also known to absorb carbon dioxide from the surrounding air, thus reducing the number of harmful greenhouse gasses.

If you carefully consider all the above mentioned points you will definitely able to find best timber windows for your home and office.


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