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Learn About the Three Types of Wood Heaters

In the winter days, we all look for ways to provide us with warmth and respite from chilling environment. It is quite obvious that not everyone can enjoy the warmth of log fire in their home. But, there is no need to feel sad about it because such people can experience a great feeling with wood heaters, also known as wood stove. These stoves are created with a well controlled system to burn wood fuel right in your home. Made up of solid metal, these heaters are not only environmental friendly, but they also add more to the beauty to your home.

Wood Heaters

When you opt for a wood stove then it definitely proves good for the environment, as the amount of smoke produced in this stove due to the burning of the wood is quite insignificant. In addition, people can also take into consideration the different models that are available in the market, and the selection can be made on the basis of budget as well as the output of the heather. No matter if you choose a small unit or a large one, it is important to focus on the quality of the insulation used in the heater.

More About Wood Heaters Selection

The design of your home, levels of insulation, and the amount of time you want to use heater are the three major factors that you need to consider during the time of selecting a wood stove. When discussing the same with the wood stove dealer, you need to be very specific about these three factors, as he or she can help you pick the most suitable option based on the inputs provided by you. As a matter of fact, the wood stoves provide heat or warmth in one or a mix of many methods, such as-

Wood Fireplace
  • If you take the example of freestanding radiant wood stoves, you will realize that they deliver about thirty percent of their heat output in the form of convection; whereas, about seventy-five percent of the heat is delivered in the form of radiation. It is the radiation form of energy that heats up surface of objects like ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, etc. So, the person facing the wood stove will also feel the warmth. These stoves have the ability to dissipate the heat in all directions. In addition, the surface temperature associated with these stoves is also quite high.
  • On the other hand, freestanding convection form of wood stoves distributes the heat via convection currents method. In this case, only thirty percent of the heat generated is dispersed via radiation, and the rest is distributed through the convection method. This is the reason why these stoves have ventilation. Metal and tiles are the two materials used for making this wood stove. In addition, these stoves features are an in-built electric fan.
  • The third kind of wood stove is the fireplace inserts. These wood stoves are particularly made for masonry fireplace. The installation of these wood stoves is not that difficult. Nevertheless, this form of wood stove is less popular than the above ones. However, it is also true that the inception of fireplace inserts has tremendously increased the efficiency of open brick fireplaces. If you want to keep the look of your living space more natural and rustic, then the fireplace inserts can be a good option for you.

So, those were some of the major things you need to understand before obtaining wood heaters. Before making a decision, it would be better to make sure the dealer is a reputed. If you would like to know more then go through this link to get more information.


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