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Major Features and Benefits of Using Timber Bifold Windows

Proper ventilation system is very important for your home. Now you can install the timber bifold window in your home. It can allow some natural lights through the inbuilt skylight portion of this window, and it can provide you an elegant look for to your property. You can ensure domestic security and enhance the aesthetic value of your home, with the installation of timber bifold windows in the rooms.


These windows are usually created as the shortened versions of the bifold doors, with almost similar features of creation. Still this type of windows has some special features, which are highly beneficial for the residents of the house.

What Are the Advantages of Timber Bifold Doors? 

  • Many bifold windows are made with multiple panels and usually two to four parts are added in this type of window, depending on the space available for a window. If you have a large window dimension, then you can easily operate this door manually.
  • Plenty of air and light is allowed into the room, when the bifold windowpanes are completely opened up, making the room healthier for the occupants.
  • The sliding window leafs move over the stainless steel balls, which are placed over a concealed aluminum track that cannot be seen from outside. These window structures are very corrosion resistant and they can provide your home better longevity.
  • Timber is always a good option for your home improvement because the natural burnished color of the timber can match to any type of decoration. In addition, you can color your timber bifold door with some other colors as per your needs.

Why Do You Install the Timber Bifold Window in Your Home?

Normally standard quality glass is used in the windowpanes; but now toughened glass or laminated glass is also preferred in many households, for ensuring better safety of the house. Sometimes, double glazed glass is also used for providing energy efficiency and better security to the rooms of the house.


  • The timber of the bifold windows are available in many colors and shades; like white, mahogany bronze, satin chrome yellow and golden brown. Hence, these windows provide an elegant appearance to the house; while the natural colors offer a traditional look, the painted timber may offer a stylish and contemporary feature to the room. Moreover, the painted timber may be more durable due to the paint coating over it.
  • The timber bifold windows are more preferred in the modern households, due to the sturdiness of the timber and its environment-friendly nature. Also, the timber windows match with any color scheme and interior design, applied to the rooms.
  • This type of window is known to provide more security to the house, since it cannot be broken easily. Moreover, the resale value of the house is increased, due to the installation these impressive bifold windows.
  • Some bifold windows install rolling fly screen over the window panels, which can be operated to move to the left or right, when needed. But the presence of these fly wire screens prevents the entry of flies or other insects from the rooms. This window can prevent bacterial infections and insects, and keep your family healthy all the time.

The bifold windows of timber are available in a variety of styles, enabling the house owner to choose the most suitable one, fitting to the design of his home. These windows create a more homely atmosphere in the rooms, due to the natural aspect of this material. You can get natural lights and fresh air from outside and you can save your energy consumption bill in this way.


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