Tips to Improve the Efficiency of CNC Cutting Machine Shop

Time is precious and some people consider time to be money. If you want to make your CNC cutting machine shop more popular among the people within a short time, you will be able to make money quite rapidly. To make the machine shop efficient and productive, you can follow the tips that have been given below.

CNC Cutting Machine

Prolonging the Life of the Tool

You can consider getting a high-pressure coolant system (HPC). You can also increase the concentration of the existing coolant. Inspect your tool holder and also the inserts from time to time. This will help you to avoid any catastrophic failure. You have to keep track of the number of material that is being removed. You should avoid excessive contact time with the material. You can go for a harder insert grade of you can. Some specific aftermarket coatings like aluminium oxide will enable you to reduce cycle while increasing the life of the tool, cutting speeds, and feed rates. You can also invest and explore cryogenic machine.

Improve the Organization

Lack of organization may cause you to lose significant man-hours and money. You need to maintain a properly organized place for your business, especially if it is machine tools. You have to put things back in its place when you are done. Make sure that you invest in a better set of tool drawers and shadow boards. The labelling system of your organization also needs to be improved. Always keep your shop floor, as well as the equipment neat and clean. This might sound like an unnecessary task but it proves to be beneficial for the business in the long run.

Do not Rush to Expand

If you purchase a machine that do not cost efficient without proper expertise, might slow down the growth of your business. This might hamper your long-term expansion. It is better to concentrate on a making a steady growth instead of taking giant leaps forward. Even if you have a small shop with a handful number of CNC cutting machines and employees, you will be able to increase your productivity of CNC cutting machines and take advantages.

Be Open to New Technology

Even if the new technical addition to your CNC business is costly in regard to initial set up and additional training, it might have a positive and long-term effect on your business. It might be able to accomplish the task that was previously taken to be impractical. New technology will allow your business to remain competitive, particularly if the innovation gains attention

Integrate the Operations

Though horizontal or vertical integration might be beyond the reach of your CNC cutting business, bringing the manufacturing process in-house might help you to a large extent. Streamlining measures like organization the schedule of production around the shop’s in-house abilities based on your production centre instead of an external supplier can help you to improve the output of your business.

Tool Management System

If you have to keep your tool cost low and the setup time down, then you can invest in a tool management system. A good and reliable one will enable you to track and manage the inventory. This can also you to cut down the cost of under or over-stocking of the tool supply. You will find software that will help you to regulate

  • Tool usage
  • Procurement
  • Performance

This kind of software also provides purchasing notice. Thus, you can avoid costly downtime.

Keep in mind that most of the times, the size of the products is not the only factor responsible for the growth of a business. It also depends on the process of fabrication. Hence, you need to evaluate the services that you are providing to the customers.


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