What is Podiatry and How Can You Benefit from It?

Problems and ailments related to the feet are more common than we think. It has been found by several studies that more than half of the adult population suffers from problems like thinning of foot pads that come up with the advent of age. What was even more shocking was that more than 80% of the people surveyed had no idea about the most common types of foot problems. These problems arise not just with age but also due to some diseases such as diabetes.

These figures are clear indications that the podiatry requires to be advocated more strongly. This will ensure that people are made aware of the common foot troubles that they are likely to face, why they happen, and how they can be managed. Given below are some little-known facts about this medical practice, its benefits, and some DIY tips you can practice for healthier feet! 

Podiatry Tips

History and Need of Podiatry

In simple words, podiatry can be described as a branch of medical practice that seeks to diagnose and treat disorders of the foot. The treatment can be in the form of medical or surgical treatment, which is decided after a careful inspection of the problem area.

In many countries, podiatrists who practice it professionally are highly esteemed in medical circles. The foot is considered to be a simple part of the body and one which is not at a high risk of ailments and disorders. However, this is far from the truth. Each foot consists of 52 bones, each of which has a specific function. Broadly speaking, feet ailments range from problems occurring in toes, ankles, and heels. Podiatry seeks to treat everything from corns to calluses and broken bones to prosthetic surgeries. Evidence suggests that a separate branch of medical treatment that dealt with the feet even in Ancient Egypt.

Who Can Benefit from Podiatry?

This science of treatment is not beneficial to a specific group of people. In fact, there are several groups who can benefit from it. Firstly, the elderly suffer from a high number of feet related problems due to their advanced age. They can tackle problems resulting from arthritis and painful joints through podiatry. Secondly, children and workers, who spend most of their time on their feet can also benefit from this.

Feet problems are also common in athletes due to their rigorous training sessions. Thus, they can always use a trip to the podiatrist’s clinic to make sure that their feet are at the top of their health. Additionally, people suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of developing feet ailments which can be managed through podiatry. 

Podiatry Tips You Can Try at Home

There are several podiatry tips which can be followed individually at home to make sure that you are at a low risk of developing problems with your feet. Some of the most common problems that most people suffer are blisters and bruises on their feet. An easy way to prevent them is to wear sock that is not too tight and wearing shoes that are a size bigger than their feet. Make sure that if you suffer an injury to the feet, get it checked out even if it doesn’t hurt much. This will prevent any complications that may resurface in the future.

Lastly, keep your feet exercised by walking and running but remember never to run bare feet on concrete if you want to avoid inflammation and stress pains.  Only with regular exercise can you see some real changes and improvement in your foot health. If you are looking to tackle a specific foot problem, a visit to a professional podiatrist might be overdue.


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