Facts and Features of Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushion

Contrary to popular belief, differently able people definitely love to spend their time outdoors. Like most people, the differently able people are always on the go for a number of reasons. This can be for work, personal errands, shopping etc. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they be comfortable when sitting in their wheelchairs. Sometimes they are required to sit on the chairs for long periods of time and if the cushions are not right then this can prove to be uncomfortable. This is where the need for highly-comfortable wheelchair gel seat cushions becomes apparent.

Picking the Best Quality of Gel Cushions 

The gel cushions are widely recommended by doctors and health care specialists all over the world. These are known to be highly comfortable for people who need to sit on their wheelchairs for long hours at a time. The design of gel cushions is also believed to take the pressure off the spine and in this way it provides immense benefits. However, what most people fail to mention is that all gel seat cushions are not the same. There are several varieties for us to choose from and this can be done after careful consideration of their features. Some of them have been discussed here. Firstly, there are several varieties available when it comes to quality. The highest quality is generally used by people who are at a higher risk of developing sores from sitting too long. These are made from visco-elastic foam and silicone gel.

Choose the Right Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushion

A lower quality gel cushion can opt for the people who are not suffering from sores. Additionally, when choosing the wheelchair gel seat cushion, you also need to consider the dimensions, the brand, and price of the same. 

Amazing Reasons for the Popularity of Gel Seat Cushions 

There are many reasons why these cushions are preferred by health care practitioners, orthopedic doctors, as well as users. Given below are some of the benefits of using wheelchair gel seat cushion:

  • Due to the use of the gel in these cushions, it is highly suited for the body shape and pressure of anyone who sits on it. This makes it highly comfortable even for people who have to sit for long hours.
  • These cushions also prevent sores and keep the skin protected by allowing the gel to shift according to the movement of the user.
  • Wheelchair gel seat cushions keep the person cooler through its air vent design and prevent uncomfortable perspirations.
  • Lastly, these are one of the most durable varieties when it comes to wheelchair seats and can last for long with the right care and use. 

Tips to Care for Your Wheelchair Gel Cushion 

Gel cushions used on wheelchairs are different from similar variants like the car seat cushions and sofa cushions. Therefore, there are a very few unique maintenance tips that have to be followed to take care of them. Firstly, make sure that the seat is placed in the right position. Unlike sofa set cushions they are not to be rotated frequently. Secondly, if you have been sitting on it for a few hours at a stretch, the cushion might bottom-out. This can be corrected by kneading the gel to keep the fluids lose and the cushion comfortable.

Comfort is a priority for a number of people who use wheelchairs. For them, there is no better choice than a wheelchair gel seat cushion. The gel fluids are packed into individual pouches which are attached to a comfortable foam base. These cushions are designed to facilitate good pressure distribution and this provides great comfort for the user.


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