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Common Roller Shutter Complications and How to Repair Them

Roller shutters are an excellent way to make sure that your home or office stays protected at all times. Although these were generally used as garage doors for a long time, rollers shutters are now being made to fit doors and windows for all-round protection. If you are planning to go away with your family for some time and are not sure that the regular latches on your doors and windows will be able to keep vandals, robbers, wind, and rain outside, roller shutters can be of great help.

However, like all mechanical objects, these too can get damaged or jammed with use. While some of these roller shutter repairs might be quite easy to manage, some others might require special tools and skills. Given below are some of the most common problems that your roller shutter is likely to encounter and how to tackle them.

Step by Step Guide to Handle Roller Shutter Repairs 

Home Roller Shutter

Roller shutter repairs are no rocket science and you can easily get the work done even if you don’t have any relevant experience. All you have to do is follow the right protocol to arrive at the right solution. Discussed below are certain steps that can be followed if you are facing problems with your roller shutter: 

Determine the Problem and The Cause 

As with any problem, the first thing that has to be done in roller shutter repairs is assessment of the problem and the cause. When you locate, and study the problem properly, this can lead you to the cause easily. Some of the most common causes that result in roller shutter problems have been given below:

  • If the slats of the shutter are jammed or stuck, the problem is likely to be something in the box located on the top of the window. The most common problem that causes the slats to get jammed is malfunctioning of the roller that facilitates the rolling up and down.
  • If the mechanism is broken altogether, the whole assembly will be damaged and jammed. The first thing that you can try is lubrication. This may sound too easy a solution to be true but most of the times a few drops of lubricant is the required roller shutter repairs technique.
  • Sometimes due to continuous use, the reel of the roller might come off and get mangled with the entire set up preventing the shutter to roll properly. If lubrication doesn’t do the trick, it will be needed to take it apart and then determine the cause. 

Replace and Reattach Damaged Parts 

While some of the above-mentioned problems might be fairly easy to handle and can be solved in a few minutes, some others will require replacements. If the mechanism is stuck and cannot be moved, find out where the screws that secure the cover are located and remove them carefully. If you are dealing with a broken system, there is no other option but to remove and replace it with a new one. Most of the time there is a just a small part that has malfunctioned preventing the roller shutter from functioning properly.

Rolling Shutter

If the damaged part is too complicated for you to handle single-handedly, calling a professional might be a good idea. They are equipped with all the right equipment to get the job done and have practical experience with roller shutter repairs to know exactly what to do.

Needless to mention, as some of the modern roller shutter devices are operated with the help of remote controls. If you find your shutter stuck all of a sudden it is a good idea to check if the batteries of the controller are in proper working order before you go rummaging in the roller shutter system.



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