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Tips on Choosing the Right Drapes for Your Home

Getting the curtains right can be a difficult task. This aspect of furnishing can affect the entire look of a room making it essential to choose them correctly. Choosing drapes involve analysing their various aspects such as thickness, fabrics, function and style, with function being the most important. The following tips will be of help in the selection of the drapes.

The Function


Drapes are capable of providing privacy apart from controlling the light entering a room. As such, consider the effect you wish to have in the space they are being hanged. For private spaces such as bedrooms, thicker curtains that obscure the glare of light are the preferred choice. Sheer drapes enable more light to enter the space which makes them suitable for spaces like living rooms.

The Material

These days, it is possible to choose from a wide range of materials for curtains. Some of the best options are listed as follows.

  • Faux silk
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Linen
  • Suede
  • Tweed

The choice of material will be dependent on the function of the drapes. If insulation is a priority, materials such as tweed and suede will be preferable. They are capable of blocking out the sunlight to keep the room cooler. At the same time, they can also keep the heat inside the room when drawn.

The level of sunlight entering the room will also be a consideration as fabrics will tend to fade with prolonged sun exposure. The high durability of faux silk makes it suitable for spaces that receive a lot of sunlight.

The Colour

During the selection of the drapes’ colour, consider the effect you wish your room to have. For creating a striking effect, opt for a bolder colour. For a more relaxed look, you can choose drapes with a non-dominant soft colour already in the room. You must never go for bright shades especially if the room receives a lot of sunlight as they will fade much faster. Neutral colours are better at withstanding sun damage.

The material can also affect the choice of the colour. Sheer fabrics will let the sun pass through them, resulting in a coloured glow infusing the space. As such, the colour will affect the mood of the room significantly. Pink and similar soft shades will create a cheery atmosphere while blue shades can be a bit eerie.

The Style


The style of the drapes must complement the décor of the space. The simplest way would be to consider the existing furnishings in the space before selecting the curtains. The presence of patterned furniture calls for the usage of solid drapes. On the other hand, solid furniture calls for patterned drapes.

Alternatively, you can opt for a simple yet effective look by selecting small neutral prints such as paisley or dots. Graphic and bold prints can also be an excellent choice. They can make a spectacular effect provided their colour is akin to the existing décor.

Other Useful Tips

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are a few more tips on choosing the right curtains for your home

  • Double-track systems can be an excellent choice as they enable you to use both sheer and thicker drapes. For a modern elegant look, you can place the sheer fabric over the thicker one.
  • Layering the window treatments can create a beautiful effect. As an example, consider placing sheer curtains over roller blinds.
  • The use of lead-weighted drapes can maximize the drop length available. At the same time, they can result in a perfect hem.

Hiring a consultant can be a good idea if there are still difficulties in selecting the curtains for a space. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on the quality and the cost of the drapes during the selection process.


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