What is Audiology and How Does an Audiologist Help People?

Science has made tremendous progress through the years wherein it has changed the way we look and feel about everything around us. The entire human race has greatly benefited with the advancement of science in the medical field. Today there is a cure for almost every known illness or medical condition.

Audiology is basically a science related to hearing disorders. The human body mainly functions on its five important sensory organs. These sensory organs play an individual role to maintain a balance in a people’s life. If one of the organs stops functioning properly then it creates discomfort to sustain a normal human life. Ear is among the more important organs in the human body as it serves an important function of hearing. The ability to work depends on your communication which requires a proper hearing.

Hearing Assistance – Audiologist

A person who treats and analyses the issue related to your ear is called an audiologist. They are the experts who specialize in research, diagnosis and rectifying the problem related to your hearing, particularly auditory and vestibular problems. The vestibular system is in correlation to the auditory system which determines the balance and how well a person can hear.

To become an audiologist, you require a doctorate degree or Ph.D. in audiology. You must pass through various test and exams before they acquire a license to practice. Many of the audiologists are the members of American Board of Audiology. Audiologist also serves as hearing aid providers, but that does not mean all hearing aid providers are an audiologist. The primary function of an audiologist is to treat people with hearing loss problems. The license required to practice may vary from state to state. The audiologist is required to complete 30 hours of learning activities in every three years.

Audiologist goes through training which involves anatomy, physiology, neurology, electrophysiology, counseling and sign language. Audiologist uses various tools and equipment in order to figure out the problems related to your ears. In order to serve the people better, they develop and implement other courses for treatment and works very closely with medical experts. Most of the audiologists work in hospitals, physician offices, and clinics. Some of them also work in schools and other personal care stores. An audiologist is an expert who can help people no matter what their age is. Audiologist can help treat everyone from the infant to the old. They use sophisticated technologies to carefully diagnose the disease.

They also use a device known as an audiometer. An audiometer is a machine which determines how sensitive the patient is at hearing different frequencies. Another test which is carried out to check the eardrum for perforations and other ear structures is called as tympanogram.

Helping the people who have hearing impairments and offering them treatment options is the most important job of the audiologist. The solution can involve either help people by just removing the ear wax from their ear canals or providing them with hearing aid devices. Another important function an audiologist serves is helping families to communicate with the use of any devices. They advise the families either to learn the sign language or attend courses related to lip reading which can greatly help to remove the communication barrier in the family with some member/members who have a hearing issue.

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