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Blocked Drains – The Causes and How to Prevent It

Blocked drains are disgusting to say the least. These blocked drains not only cause foul odors, they may cause unsightly scenes and may also cause damage to property and furniture as well. Therefore, it is best to take care of these drains before they get clogged.

In order to maintain the drains and the sewer system well, you need to be mindful of what goes into the drain.

In kitchen sinks when food waste goes down the drain, it could lead to clogging. Traps and filters should be used for all drain holes as well as showers and sinks.

Regular cleaning is a must for all drains. A good way to clean it is by using baking soda and vinegar. You should pour hot water down the drain and then drop in baking soda, after a few minutes, you should empty vinegar solution with hot water in the drain. After ten minutes, boiling water should be poured down the drain. This will clear all moderate blockages and is environmentally friendly too.

Do not use acid when you want to clean the drain. This does not benefit in any way and the pipes will get damaged and break eventually. Acid dissolves waste but it also dissolves the pipes as well.

Blocked Drains

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Prevent Blocked Drains:

  • You should remove all the hair that is trapped in the bath, shower or basin.
  • The basin, shower and bath should be flushed with a disinfectant regularly so that the soap residue can be removed.
  • Combs, toys, bottles and other such items should be kept away from the toilet else there is a likelihood of these falling into the toilet and clogging it.
  • Disposable items like sanitary towels, tissues and nappies should not be flushed.
  • The drain grids should be cleaned of moss, leaves and other dirt and it should be washed with hot water and disinfectant as well.
  • Regularly the checking should be done to see that the drains are free flowing. This can be done by lifting the covers of the drains.
  • The gutters as well as the down pipes should be cleaned of debris twice a year
  • Cooking fat should not be disposed down the drain and incase it needs to be disposed, it should be mixed with lots of detergent and hot water
  • Excessive soap powder should not be used when washing.
  • Drains are usually blocked due to grease, scaling, abuse, foreign objects and silt collecting in them. Underground drains as well as sewers can have structural defects which may be a result of the ground movement or of subsidence, leakages, tree roots or corrosion.

The regular schedule one needs to follow weekly is to lift all the stoppers in the sink and remove the debris and put it in the trash, rinse the stoppers and reinstall. The drain cover too should be removed from the shower and the bathtub and a bent wire should be used to clean the debris.

Monthly, the schedule to be followed is that the garbage disposal is to be cleaned. It can be done by using a disposer brush or grinding ice and table salt. This decreases the slime and the grease from the sides. Then this should be flushed with cold water and lemon to deodorize.

The overflow plate of the bathtub needs to be removed and the pop up assembly is to be raised so that it reaches the spring. The debris is to be removed and rinsed. A drain cleaner should be used which is biodegradable and non corrosive.

For more details, you can search through the reliable online portals, to get ideas about how to prevent blocked drain easily.


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