Various Types of Commercial Cake Display Fridge

Commercial cake display fridges are of different types. These come in a variety of sizes and with different number of shelves. These are used in cafes, bakeries, restaurants and in places where they want to display the food items in a way that is appealing to customers.

There are those that are made as per custom measurements of the cafe or bakery and there are others that can be chosen from standard sizes. These help placing pastries and cakes in a way that is tempting to the customers and thus helping increased sales. There are partitions and spacing which allows the placing and picking of the cakes to be done conveniently. These help to increase the reputation of the bakery and are a great way to display the wares in a setting which is professional. You can even add appropriate lighting which makes the wares even more mouth watering.

Commercial Cake Display Fridge

Some of the Kinds of These Commercial Cake Display Fridges Are:

  • Cold vertical cabinets. These have the front and the top which is heated and hot air can be blown to the side glass so that condensation does not happen. These have double glazed doors and side panels and the temperature is 32 degrees. These have fluorescent lighting too as well as these have a removable filter for the condenser which can be removed so that it can be cleaned easily. This also has a control and display of temperature and it has a cooling system which is ventilated. It also allows for automatic defrosting and the size of the shelves is adjustable. This work on electricity and use 240 V and the power is 0.58 kW.
  • There is the showcase with curved glass. These also have heating of the top and the front glass and there is hot air which is blown to the side glass. This restricts condensation from taking place. There are double glazed doors and side panels and this even has fluorescent lighting. There is the ambient temperature of 32 degrees centigrade and this has not only a removable filter which is on the condenser but it also has displays so that the temperature can be controlled electronically. There is a cooling system in it and it allows for automatic defrosting. The shelves are adjustable.
  • There are dual chilled and heated displays which have mostly 3 levels. There are two which are wire shelved ones and there is a base. However, one may choose to have solid shelves instead of the wired ones. There are two separate sections in this and in the refrigerated section there is a triple glazing in front and there are heater wire filaments which do not allow condensation. The temperature is 40 degrees and 2 to 8 degrees; there are compressors, fans and lighting which is over each level. There is a self-evaporating drainage and there is a digital control for controlling temperature. These have rear sliding glass door and have high humidity maintained. These are simple to clean. The heated section has thermal air flow and humidity which is maintained. It has different levels and these have lighting over each. There are rear doors that swing open and this too is very easy to clean. However, one must realize that this is meant to keep food warm and not to heat the products.
There are other commercial cake display fridges, made as per the specifications or as per the goods that one specializes in. For more information, just click here and get ideas about it.

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