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Why Do You Need Safety Switches at Home?

Often safety switches are confused with fuses and circuit breakers. So, in this way if an individual has a fuse plug in the house, he or she may consider that the safety measure has been taken. But it must be understood that using a fuse can protect the house and the electrical appliances that are being used in the home.

To stay protected from high or low electric shock, you need to have a safety switch installed at your home. Again, having one safety switch may not be a great idea. It is always an ideal thought to install these switches on all the switch boards available at home. 

Safety Switch
Safety Switch

Types of Safety Switch 

Before you consider getting safety switch at home, you need to understand about its types. There are four different types of switches that you may need at your home. These are:

  1. Meter box mounted that is installed on the meter box, just near the circuit breaker.
  2. Combination safety switch with circuit breaker that will protect you from electric shocks as well as will also protect your electric appliance during high flow of electricity.
  3. Portable safety switch that can be installed on extension boards for different electrical appliances.
  4. PowerPoint safety switches for PowerPoints such as the one installed in workshops and bathrooms. 

How Can Safety Switch Help? 

These switches are designed in such way that they can protect the individuals from electric shocks. It is kind of barrier in between you and the electricity that may touch you at different events. Whenever the safety switch detects a flow of electricity outside the switch board, it turns out the power so that you do not get an electric shock by unknowingly touching the switch board somehow.

There are many reasons at present why you should have safety switches at different switch boards across your house.

  • Fault in Wires: It is not always possible to keep on cross checking the wires and switch boards of the whole house whether they are safe or not. It may happen that you may miss out some of the switch boards and these switch boards may be at fault. Thus, providing a safety switch on almost all the switch boards can get you relieved from this stress of faulty switch boards and wires.
  • Climatic Condition: Many times, it has been observed that during monsoon season, when there is heavy rain with thunder, you tend to get shock from any of the switches. Install the safety switches and you will be able to enjoy the rain from within your house without much of stress.
  • Safety for The Kids and Pets: Do you have kids or pets at home? If yes, then keeping it is a must for you. You cannot stop kids and pets from touching different things. Even at times, they may scribble switch boards and switches for fun. Having a safety switch for such houses is a must as it will safeguard the kids as well as pets from any kind of electric shock. You cannot stop your little bunch of mischief from touching the switch boards, but you can all time protect them from getting shocks, by installing a safety switch on the boards.

Just installing the safety switch may not help if you leave it attended for a longer time. It is always suggested to test the it from time to time, at least at a gap of six months. Testing the safety switch is easy with the help of ‘Test’ or ‘T’ button provided on the switch. This will let you know whether the switch is working or you need to change it with a new one.


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