How to Reduce the Funeral Expenses to Fit In Your Budget

The common fear that you often face while thinking of lowering the cost of a funeral, when there is a death in the family is that, in the effort of cost cutting, you may really miss some important ritual, or unintentionally disrespect the demised. It’s a common fear many people face, as there are many people, who would prefer an economical budget-friendly funeral, without becoming the talk of the town for being a miser, or hurting people’s sentiments. Here are some of the tips that may help you understand the importance of the steps in a funeral, and reduce cost accordingly.

funeral costs
Funeral Costs

Choosing Cremation over Traditional Burial

Traditional Burial is always the more preferred choice for Christians. However, to carry on, you must fulfill a few conditions.

  • If you have the sound financial freedom to spend something between $4000 to $10000 on the funeral
  • You already own the piece of land for the burial, or can afford the price of the land, in case, it wasn’t bought earlier

If you qualify the above then, you can go for the traditional funeral without a hitch. Else, you may plan a cremation. A cremation saves you from a few costs, which are optional. They are:

  • Cost of the coffin or casket
  • Cost of embalming
  • Other products and services for the traditional rituals

In a Cremation, the body is burned, and there is no need for embalming. Embalming is needed when the body is covered in a preserving base, so that the natural process of decay can be slowed down for the body to be kept on display before burial. Nevertheless, for the cremation, this is not required and is an optional. After burning the body, the ashes are collected and stored in a container. The next choice is yours. Whether you want to pour the ashes in some special place, or bury them at some place, or store them, it is up to you.

A standard cremation, costs around $2000 to $4000, which is much easy on the pocket without disrespecting the dead in any way. This is quite scientific an approach too, for performing the last rites.

Choosing the Right Funeral Services

If you have made your mind that you would go for a traditional funeral, then you can search for the low-cost service options. It’s not necessary that you go for the first funeral service offer you get. You must compare the market through the internet or through asking people around. Being lost in grief, or too shocked to do things on your own, you may take help of a friend or relative for finding the right service.

low cost funeral
Low Cost Funeral

Understanding that Embalming is optional

Many people are made to understand that embalming is the part of the traditional funeral ritual, which is actually not so. It’s just a scientific approach to preserve the body longer so that display of the body can be allowed to near and dear ones coming on the funeral. If you get the body in your hands soon, and know that you may arrange for the burial without the body decaying much, then you may omit embalming. However taking the advantage of the ignorance of many people, many funeral services pressurize on embalming the body, stating it as a part of the ritual etc. However, you should counter and firmly say no to the proposal.


Instead of going to the cemetery, you may choose another natural spot for the burial. Avoiding the tombstone and planting a tree on the land instead is another good idea. In addition, you may use a biodegradable casket instead of conventional ones for a reasonable cost and eco-friendliness.

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