Reasons to Park a Car in Indoor Airport Parking

 As you board a flight while traveling to a particular destination, the last thing that you would want to worry about is the security of the car while you are not away. Even if you have parked your car in an airport car parking facility, you would still be worried on whether the car would get damaged or dented by the other cars in the parking lot or whether the car would sustain any type of damage from the elements. To leave all these worries out of your mind, you need to look for an indoor car parking airport garage.

Airport Car Parking
Airport Car Parking

Park in A Climate-Controlled Environment

The best part of using an indoor car parking facility is that the car is not exposed to the various climatic conditions.

  • If the parking period is a long one, like over a couple of weeks or so, keeping the car exposed to the elements could cause a number of issues with the vehicle.
  • If it remains bright and sunny, the color of the car might get faded. If you park the car in an area that is prone to hailstorms, which could seriously damage the car’s body badly. Moreover, when a car is parked outdoors, there could be so many other things that could go wrong.
  • A flying twig or a flying pebble out of nowhere could cause a crack on the windshields or the window glasses as well. To avoid all these possible hazards, it is best to choose a reputed indoor airport parking.

Other Benefits of Indoor Parking

Although the outdoor parking facilities are usually well-lit, that does not match the levels of illumination that is available in an indoor airport parking lot. The indoor parking spaces are usually floodlit which keeps every car in the visible range. This is important from the safety perspective of the car. Also, the coverage of CCTV cameras is usually better in the indoor facility which is also an added benefit when it comes to the security of the vehicle while it is parked.

What Are the Facilities Provided by The Indoor Airport Parking Garages?

Shuttle Services

Unless the indoor parking lot is within the airport premises (which is not the case with most private parking garages), a transfer from the parking lot to the airport terminal becomes a big matter of concern for the passengers. This is why most indoor airport parking lots offer shuttle services to their customers, which make the transfer a comfortable and stress-free affair.

Valet Services

Many indoor parking garages also offer valet services wherein they pick the vehicle right from the airport terminal and get it delivered back to the customer there only upon the customer’s arrival. This type of services is more useful for people who have a lot of luggage. Transferring the luggage from the car to the shuttle car and then from the shuttle car to the luggage cart at the airport becomes messy if you do not park your car in a proper indoor airport location.

Complimentary Car Wash

While it is not that much required when you park the car in an indoor facility, however, most indoor airport parking garages offer the complimentary car wash services to their customers. It is certainly a great thing to find the car sparkling clean when you come back from your trip!

Indoor Airport Parking
Indoor Airport Parking

Even though indoor airport parking is relatively expensive than outdoor parking, looking at the benefits of the former, it is wise that you should always reserve indoor spaces and not leave the car out in the open while you are away.


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