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How to Overcome the Problem of Tree Roots in Drain?

It is really essential to take proper care of the drainage system; be it a residential or a commercial property. There are many reasons that can lead to the blockage of your drains, and tree roots are one of them. When you flush your toilet, you do expect the water to flow down into the drain. However, sometimes it does not, and you end up seeing an ugly look bathroom floor.

Tree roots are often responsible for this kind of issue. They can certainly block the sewer line through invasion. Trees like oak trees, palm trees, gum trees, etc. are quite infamous for this particular reason. The roots of these trees grow really large and they completely break into the drainage pipes, causing a total blockage. So, how to deal with the issue of tree roots in a drain? Well, let us find out.

Tree Root in Drain Pipe
Tree Root in Drain Pipe

Home Remedy for Dealing with Tree Roots in Drain

As a matter of fact, it is quite difficult to prevent the tree roots from breaking into your drainage system. The roots of a tree can grow up to thrice the size of the crown. Hence, even if you chop down the tree in your property, or take it out completely, there is still some chances that the roots from the trees planted at your neighbor’s house might find a crack. So, you certainly have to avail professional help in this regard.

Nevertheless, there are some home remedies you can consider in this regard, and the use of copper sulfate is one of them. One can easily get this compound from the home improvement stores. This compound is available in foam as well as crystalline form. Copper sulfate can be very much effective in clearing the sewer lines. This compound is poisonous for the tree roots. But, considering the fact that only a small part of the entire root system of the tree will soak in the compound, therefore no major harm would cause to the tree.

All you need to do is take half-cup of copper sulfate and flush it down the toilet. However, one should not expect any result in just a couple of days as this process takes time and therefore the compound would take up to two weeks to kill the roots entirely. Once the roots are dead, it is the time to take them out with the help of a mechanical rooter. In order to prevent the problem of tree roots in the drain from happening again, you must flush small quantity of copper sulfate after every few months.

Roots In Pipe

More Ideas You Can Keep in Mind

#1. Rock salt- Apart from copper sulfate, you can also make use of rock salt for this purpose. It is also a harsh chemical, which can be used in the same way. However, one important thing you need to keep in mind that both copper sulfate and rock salt are corrosive in nature. Hence, you need to handle them very carefully. In addition, excessive use of these chemicals can also cause damage to the drainage pipes.

#2. Plumber- Plumbers can provide you complete relief from this problem. They have equipment known as a borescope, and it features a camera at its end. When the equipment is inserted into the drain, it provides a clear view, and hence it becomes easy to figure out the exact location of the blockage. So, it is a quicker method available.

Before using any home remedy, it would be better to consult with an experienced plumber. In case the issue is a serious one and cannot be solved with home remedy methods, you should hire a plumber instantly.


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