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When to Choose Roof Repairs Over Roof Replacement?

Every year, many homeowners get the roofs of their homes replaced without even batting an eyelid even though the house only needed some roof repairs. Why? Because some roof service providers lead the homeowners into believing that roof repair is not possible for their roof. The actual reason is with the prices of labour and materials roughly doubled during the last 10 years and still going up, a roof replacement project would be more profitable to the roofing service providers. But a roof replacement project is a huge strain on a homeowner’s finances. So, it is advisable for any homeowner that he or she first analyses whether the roof needs a replacement or just repairs and then ask for experts.

Roof Replacement

Here are a few tips that can help you through the process of determining whether to get roof restoration or roof repairs. Your final decision is determined by the answers to these questions:

#1. What is the age of your roofing?

Roofs have a tendency to last at least 10-15 years. So, if your roof is comparatively new, there is definitely no need of a roof replacement. Whatever the problems might be with your roofs, a proper roof repair service can fix those as long as the shingles of the roof have not aged. But, if you live in an old house with roofs older than over 25 to 30 years, it would be better to get the roof replaced.

House Roofing Services

#2. How much time do you have?

In case you are going on a vacation and need your roof fixed before that, then maybe you do not have enough time for a roof replacement. So, roof repair is your only choice. Also, if you plan to get roofing services when the season of snow or rain is about to set in, you probably chose the wrong time and considering the weather conditions, roof repair is more preferable as roof replacement takes longer than repairing and that would also mean that your home is without a roof while the roof replacement process is in progress, which is not acceptable when the sky overhead is pouring down mercilessly. Also, if the roof replacement work is interrupted by rain or snow, the work progress would be lost and that would cost you more labour and material charges. So, under time constraints, it is advisable to get roof repairs.

#3. What is the percentage of the damaged roof area?

Take a look at the roof and analyse the damages. Make a note of the leakages to be fixed and holes to be mended. If the damaged area ranges lesser than 30% of the whole roof area, then roof repair is your best choice. On the other hand, if the damages are higher than 30%, go for roof replacement preferably.

#4. Are there signs of moisture damage on your roof?

If the roof is showing signs of moisture damage, roof repair would not solve the issue most probably as there would be a lot of moisture damages that would not meet the naked eye. So, it would be advisable to get the whole roof replaced and be on the safer side.

#5. Is there a need of replacing the roof gutters?

If you realise that the roof gutters need a lot of fixing and so does the roof, it is a lot better to choose roof replacement over roof repairs as that would save you a lot of time as well a lot of repairing work would not be able to hold the roof together.

Above all, there are a few signs that mean that roof repairs would not solve the problem:

  1. Existing roof is in very poor condition.
  2. Existing roof has too many layers.
  3. Existing roof has bad decking.
  4. Existing roof has bad incompatible shingles.

But, if you find that none of the above possibilities apply to your roofing, Choose to get roof repairs as that would make the roof last for several more years and it is extremely affordable, right within your budget.


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