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How to Choose the Best Tattoo Shop for You?

Everything has gradations, and even tattoo shops do have grades. Some are good, while some just work out for a random fancy tattoo, and again some are the best and exotic parlours to visit when it’s your first tattoo, or you have a sensitive skin, or when you just don’t want to take any chances with the experience and art. There may be many reasons for you to go after any kind of shop, or choose a good shop, or choose a reputed high quality tattoo parlour. Things depend a lot on your budget and choices too.

Tattoo Artists
Tattoo Artists

Not many people are very serious about their tattoos, and do not really mind getting a small tattoo just when they feel like at any exposed body part. But this may not be the best attitude towards this body art, especially when you know it’s a permanent art, and you will be carrying it through life. Also there are more serious reasons to consider which should make you search for the best tattoo parlour only.

Why You Should Go to The Best Tattoo Parlours Only?

Selecting a tattoo shop is important, and has to be done with care because:

  • The tattoo is done through needles, and the needle in a good and reputed shop will be sterilized or changed with each use. Thus you clear out of chances of infections from deadly diseases like HIV, and other body and skin infections etc.
  • The tattoo injects an ink inside your skin, and if the ink is not of good quality, then you may have bacterial and fungal skin infections which may keep you ill persistently or recur periodically. Reputed tattoo parlours will not use bad ink, and will be very careful to use the best quality ink that works equally well on sensitive skins too.
  • A reputed tattoo parlour will preserve your privacy with care as you may get a tattoo on unexposed hidden parts of the body, which should not be filmed or exposed in public without your consent.
  • The artist in a good shop will be an expert to do justice with any kind of tattoo design. Therefore, you may expect even the most intricate art forms to be recreated with the same accuracy when you visit the best parlour.

Your first experience, or even the experience with tattoo making should be good, should be comfortable and special, and worth remembering with a smile. Hence the choice of the tattoo shop is very crucial to make sure the tattoo does not turn out to be an infection filled nightmare.

How to Choose a Great Tattoo Shop?

Here are some quick tips which will work much better than surfing yellow pages or business listings in finding you a good reliable tattoo shop.

  • Definitely word of mouth is very important in getting references. If a friend recommends a shop, always check for the shop.
  • When you reach the shop, look for signs of tasteful art and creativity at the exterior of the shop. If the outer appearance does not appeal you and you get a tacky feel, then don’t go for the shop.
  • On entering the shop look for signs of cleanliness and freshness. If you see unclean and stained walls and floors, and trash cans full of dirt, unclean seats and tables, and the smell also not fresh enough, then leave the shop.
  • Find out if they have a good portfolio to show you. If you chose an art from the album, read the expression of the artist, and try to understand how confident he is about making the tattoo.

These are the various steps, which however common may seem to you, are actually quite important in choosing the best tattoo parlour for you.


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