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Various Things You Must Know About Reupholstery

As time passes, the furniture you love may wear out and be spoiled. It may be easy to dispose some and replace them with new furniture, but it may not be the same with all. It might be your favourite comfortable chair, an easy chair or rocking chair which has been passed on to you by your grandmother, or it may be your dining chairs which have worn out while your table is in good condition. When sentiments are associated with old furniture which has worn out or it is not practical to dispose of the old with new, reupholstery is the best option.


Get to Know About Your Furniture Quality First Before You Start the Reupholstering Process

  1. Nostalgia or favorite. As mentioned above, it can be your most comfortable furniture or it may be heirloom which is hard to part with. For vintage wooden sofas, the cushioning might need re-upholstery, or else, in case of old leather sofa cum beds or bedroom settees, complete reupholstering might be required.
  2. High-quality frame. Older furniture is usually very sturdy with antique designs which can be reupholstered to match your modern home.
  3. Reupholstery is cheaper than buying a replacement. Replacements are not always available according to brand and quality, so you need to pick and choose the right upholsterer who can give you suggestions about reupholstering.

What is Involved in Reupholstering a Piece of Furniture?

  • Strengthening the frame.
  • Spring and backboard repair.
  • Changing padding.
  • Redoing the fabric.
  • Redoing cushions.

The Process of Reupholstering:

  • The furniture is stripped to the frame.
  • The frame and joints are strengthened.
  • If needed, springs are repaired or replaced. Then the frame can be primed, sanded, and painted if deemed appropriate.
  • Then the foam and padding are done.
  • Finally, fabric fitted as well as cushions done.

Cushions and Pillow Options:

  1. Down and feather. This is very popular as it is very soft and light but the only disadvantage is that it gets compressed and the shape changes. So usually the third option is preferred.
  2. Combination of both down and feather and foam – A foam base surrounded by down and feather so that it is soft as well as holds shape.


The fabric is a deciding factor in the cost of reupholstering. The fabric is available in a wide range, from simple designer fabrics to velvet fabrics. The larger the amount of fabric needed, the bigger will be the cost of reupholstering. Find out from you upholster what kind of fabric is needed. All kinds of fabric may not suit your furniture. For example, if your furniture has rounded edges, stripes may not suit it. If the fabric should be stretched and pulled, some designs may not go well with it. So please consult you upholster before buying.

Professional Upholster
Professional Upholster

Professional Help:

If you have time and the skill as well as the instruments needed for carrying out re-upholstery of your furniture, you can, of course, do it by yourself. There are many websites which can help you with detailed instructions.

But the best option is to seek the help of professionals. Reupholstery can sometimes be more expensive than new furniture, so choose the right people. You can search for the nearest reputed upholsters via the internet or by references to friends. Compare the prices and options given to you by different upholstery and then choose the one which both cost effective as well as have good workmanship.

Once re-upholstery is done, your furniture will not only look as good as new but also be match your current taste and home. Also, most importantly, if it is an heirloom your memories are still alive.


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