The Importance of Physiotherapy and The Equipments Used

Physiotherapy is an effective tool to combat injuries and pains. Stretching exercises, massage therapy, traction, heat therapy, etc, may be used in groups to combat the condition.

Physiotherapy Treatment
  • A physiotherapist is also known as a physical therapist who gives sessions or therapies to the patient to bring about recovery from the injury. He uses several kinds of equipment to subside the pain, to heal the muscles and the joints.
  • If you are in acute pain, you will be made comfortable by physiotherapy with the help of equipments. Physiotherapy is the primary care specialty revolving around the use of mechanical movement and force to curb the pain and to remediate impairment.
  • Physiotherapy is the primary care which is offered to the patient to address injuries, illnesses and pains in various regions of the body. There are certain kinds of injuries that limit the movement of an individual and physiotherapy attempts to correct the movement or restore the motion.
  • When you approach a physical therapist, he evaluates your condition and carries out a physical examination to diagnose the problem. Then, the physiotherapist adopts a management plan and executes that. This can be done either manually or with the use of several equipments or the combination of both.

The benefit of physiotherapy equipment

Not all the equipment that a physiotherapy clinic houses is suitable for the patient. The physiotherapist uses the equipment as per the needs. The chief purpose of using equipments is to reduce the intensity of pain and discomfort. They also help in the healing of joints and muscles. It may happen that all your pain is subsided on the very first visit to the physiotherapist. 

Some basic items used by a physiotherapist

Some of the most common items used by a physiotherapist are couch, chair, flatbed, head support and cushioned flat bench. All the mentioned items are adjustable and so the patient may either lie on the back or prostrate as per the need. Such items are flexible and can be folded to various degrees as required. Even the bench can serve as a chair if needed. They are such equipments that make the patient comfortable during the treatment. Even if the patient performs some stretching exercises, he/she will not feel too much pain.

Exercise equipments

Exercise is an important part of physical therapy and treatment. A lot can be attained through simple stretching exercises. So, the physiotherapist uses exercise equipments to offer a good exercise to the patient. Among all exercise equipments, weights are used by the physical therapist to exercise the hands and legs of the patient. On the other hand, elastic bands are also used. Some of the equipments used for exercising help in controlling strain on the back and the spine.

Physiotherapy Equipment

What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation?

TENS equipment is used by a physiotherapist to subside acute pain or discomfort. If the patient is in immense pain due to some injury or chronic ailment, he will use TENS to bring about relief from pain. Here the machine generates electrical impulses that are directly sent to the nerves to control the pain. There may be both handheld TENS equipment or the bulky ones.

Equipment for electrotherapy and ultrasound

Physiotherapist also uses equipments to carry out ultra sound and electrotherapy. Ultrasound equipment is generally handheld and round shaped. This equipment can also be used for generating the tissue heat so that pain is controlled.

Without the use of equipments, a physiotherapist cannot function. When it comes to using the equipment, a lot depends on the condition and the physiotherapist.



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