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Ideas Over Choosing Engineered Bench Tops for Your Kitchen

Building a new house or renovating the existing one is a difficult job. As a homeowner, one has to decide on a lot of things taking into account the look of the house and the budget. Kitchen is one the most important spaces in the house and it requires extra attention. Deciding the shade of paint, cabinetries, appliances, splashbacks, taps and most importantly benchtops play a vital role in the look of the space.


Choosing Benchtops for The Kitchen

The benchtops are available in different materials to choose from. For years, the natural stone like marble and granite have been in use for benchtops in the kitchens. As a classy and rich choice, you have to pay a good sum for purchase, installation, and maintenance. Concrete is another choice, people can consider for the benchtop. It offers industrial and contemporary look at low budget but with chances of cracks and staining very quickly. Metal like stainless steel and copper are also used for this purpose. Stainless steel is a cheap option but can get scratched easily whereas copper is expensive. Timber gives a more rustic feel to the kitchen and is highly versatile. But some timbers like oak can be costly and also these require regular maintenance and sealing for protection from moisture. Laminate is one cheap option that comes with a variety of choices in terms of patterns and color. But these don’t add any value to the property and don’t give finishes that others provide.

The engineered stone is a man-made stone created out of the mixture of natural stone like quartz along with color pigments and polyester resins. There are different types of engineered stones benchtops including Caesarstone. Caesarstone kitchen benchtops look similar and are durable like natural stone but don’t require sealing or maintenance. It is an affordable option available in different colors to choose from.

Reasons to Choose Caesarstone As Kitchen Benchtop

  1. Engineered stone like Caesarstone has the quality of having a non-porous surface. Thus Caesarstone kitchen benchtops are very durable and have the strength to resist cracks and chipping from any impact.
  2. The Caesarstone benchtops are stain-resistant and so can be ideal in the kitchen against spills of food and drinks. It can act well against heat and resistant to molds and mildew.
  3. Caesarstone benchtops are available in wide range of colors and patterns. You can find range of darker as well as lighter shades that looks tough yet feels softer than granite.  Choose the color that matches the shade of the cabinets and décor of the house.
  4. Caesarstone kitchen benchtops are very easy to maintain as compared to other options available in the market. Caesarstone is non-porous so you don’t need to worry anymore about waxing it to protect its appearance. Wiping the benchtop can clean the spills without staining it.
  5. As compared to expensive marble, Caesarstone can be affordable. Along with purchase cost, you can also save at maintenance. The benchtops can last  long without spending any penny over sealing or laminating.
  6. Caesarstone carries look of the natural stone quartz from which it is made. Dense and versatile stone provides a unique look to the kitchen. You can get the chic and classy look of the natural stone from the Caesarstone benchtops too.
Kitchen Benchtops

A benchtop has the ability to change the entire look of the kitchen. It is thus a very important decision to choose the right material for the kitchen benchtop. If you are confused about the selection of natural stone or engineered stone as a benchtop then consider a few things and come to conclusion. Caesarstone can be the right choice if you are looking for more stylish yet less expensive option. It is better at stain resistance, durability, and maintenance as compared to stone like marble. It is functional to use Caesarstone benchtops for your house than other options.



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