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Know the Durability and Strength of Concrete for Construction

Concrete is one of the most durable and strong material that is used in construction industry. Just because it is strong and hard,  it is used in the construction of streets and driveways. The use of concrete has many times proved to be a fashion statement. If you add dyes and etching techniques to this material, it will be a part of your home’s attraction. The homes that are built of this material give a conventional look. The houses are constructed with different methods especially in the coastal areas. The builders these days prefer to choose the foam insulated concrete. The insulation basically helps the material to increase the value and it becomes easy to use.

Its Main Characteristics

The construction industry calls concrete term as a masonry unit. This is such a material that can be either solid or hollow. It may also have two or three cores or voids. You will often find that these blocks are found in different shapes. Usually, the measure of the blocks varies from 16 inches length and 8 inches width. The height may be a quarter inch less. This is therefore used as a home building material because it is not only durable and fireproof but also light in weight.

Concrete for Construction

It Has Many Benefits

  • The foundation and the basement walls of the building are usually constructed with concrete blocks. They can be easily assembled together and so is considered to be an ideal material.
  • You will also find that the partition walls in homes are constructed with concrete blocks. The voids and pores that are created in between these walls can be filled with steel reinforced rods. This will give the structure additional strength.
  • The most important thing about it is that concrete is beneficial as it is not affected by termites and extreme temperatures. It is also sound proof though it also depends upon the quality of construction.
  • The block that is used for construction also is helpful to insulate the building against heat and cold. It also reduces the use of house energy.
  • The concrete floor that is properly sealed can easily shrug off dirt, stains and also grit. If there are spills on the floor, it can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth or mop. The whole floor looks very clean and new as if you have swept off the dirt or the dust.
  • There might be a misconception that you cannot create designs with concrete blocks. In fact today the modern techniques have proved that the concrete finishing makes the home look extremely luxurious. The floors may be given acid treatments or may use paint to make it look beautiful. The latest trend is to stamp the floors with rubber stencils in order to improve the texture.
  • The concrete floors can be constructed by pouring it over an existing slab and then add radiant heat. This is a great option for electrical cables or hot water tubes. This will give you a concrete floor that is warm and comfortable.

The concrete homes of today are not dark and dumpy. You will not find a single structure that is musty-smelling. It can also bear the extremes of weather which is a great advantage for any homeowner. The construction of homes with concrete is of five main types. They are insulation concrete, concrete block, pane systems as well as removable concrete blocks and autoclaved aerated concrete. The most familiar of them is the concrete blocks that are used as traditional construction material. The insulated ones are basically used to prevent air leakage.


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