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Conventional and Specialty Plumbing Services

Plumbing system in any building is the most important aspect to ensure safe supply of hot and cold water. Plumbing systems feature pipes, valves, fixtures, tanks, etc. to carry water or other fluids throughout the property. In addition, plumbing systems also include hot water systems, heating and cooling systems such as HVAC, waste disposal and many more. Such an extensive system is prone to damages and general wear and tear. A faulty plumbing system can disrupt the household significantly and requires the help of professional plumbing services to rectify the problems. There is almost no household or commercial establishment which has not required plumbing services at some point of time.

The common types of plumbing services are regularly required and can be offered by all the plumbing agencies. There are also some specialty plumbing tasks which require special expertise on part of the plumbers. Such plumbing services are not offered by all plumbers.

Regular Plumbing Tasks

Plumbing Services
Plumbing Services
  • Water leakage- Leaky faucets, damp walls, water dripping from the ceiling, low water pressure, etc. are some of the serious water leakage problems. Water leakage usually occurs due to cracked pipes or worn out pipes or loose pipe joints. The plumbers employed by plumbing services are trained to accurately rectify the source of leakage and repair it. The plumbers also offer maintenance services to prevent recurrence of leakages.
  • Blocked drains- Sewer drain, kitchen drain, bathroom drain, and storm drain can get clogged due to deposition of garbage, hair, food particles and other dirty materials. The clogged drains lead to flooding in the building with sewer water. Toilets also become unusable due to blocked drains. In such situations, there is no choice but to call professional plumbing services. The plumbers use drain cameras, high pressure water jet and other methods to remove the blockage and clean the drain. Root of trees can also lead to blockage in the drain. The plumbers are well equipped to remove the roots without damaging the drain pipes.
  • Garbage disposals- Repairing damaged garbage disposal units also come under the ambit of plumbing services. In such cases, badly damaged units are replaced with new ones.

Installation and repair of hot water systems, repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures, toiler repair, etc. are other common plumbing works undertaken by the plumbers.

Specialized Plumbing Tasks

Clear Blocked Sewer Pipe
Clear Blocked Sewer Pipe

There are many plumbers who are trained to specifically handle a particular specialized plumbing task which cannot be entrusted to conventional plumbers.

  • Pipelaying- Pipe layers are specialized plumbers who are trained to install the pipes which make up the plumbing system. Pipelaying involves trenching which is done using machine or manual tools and pipe laid on the floor are made of different materials such as concrete, plastic, etc. Pipe layers need to have the required knowledge to assess ground consistency and geological shaping of the ground in order to complete the task successfully. Laying gas or oil lines requires soldering or welding to join the pipes.
  • Pipefitting- Pipefitters deal with pipe systems used in industrial sites such as power generation plants, oil refineries, etc. The pipefitters install and maintain such pipe systems. Automated systems for controlling the operation of the industrial pipes are also installed and maintained by the pipefitters.
  • Septic system plumbing- Septic tank plumbers are specialists in repairing or replacing septic tanks and septic lines. Septic system plumbing is not the forte of every plumber because of the filthy working environment and special knowledge required for this task.
  • Steam fitting- Steamfitters are specialist plumbers who are experts in installing and maintaining pipe systems carrying high-pressure gases or liquids in industries.

HVAC plumbers and automatic sprinkler fitters for fires are other specialized plumbers.


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