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What Are the Causes of Blocked Drains and How to Prevent Them?

A blocked drain can lead to a series of problems for homeowners and residents of the property. Once the drains are blocked then:

  • Water does not drain properly
  • An overflow of water is experienced while using the flush
  • The foul smell comes out from the drain and
  • The water remains stagnant at a particular place
Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

Without a doubt, blocked drains are a menace that you never want to face. Despite that, most of the people become prone to this problem and end up suffering from the complications associated with clogged drains. Now, the question that arises here is: what led to the blockage in drains, could the circumstances have been avoided?

Here are some of the common causes that trigger blockage in drains, focusing on the techniques that can be used for preventing them.

Things That Block Your Drainage System

There are a few things that are capable of blocking the drainpipes in a short span of time and these are mentioned below:

  • Hair: Whether it is the hair of your beloved pet or yours that feel after a comforting shampoo, these can be a major threat to the system causing blocked drains. This is because hair tends to bind with oil and grease buildup that may be present within the pipelines and within these, they begin to accumulate on the walls of the pipe. To avoid this make sure that you have drain guards that are able to catch every strand of hair, preventing their entry into the system.
  • Grease and Oil: Fatty substances can be problematic for the system. This happens because such substances do not come out from the pipes the way you would expect, rather these deposit on them aiding in the significant buildup. As stated before, it is the presence of oil in pipes that traps hairs and associated particles, forming a chronic blockage.
  • Plants: Another important thing that people most often overlook are plants. The roots, dry leaves, and debris from plants can get into the system. Moreover, roots are often in search of moisture for the survival of plants, as a result of which they might penetrate into the system cracking the pipes and thus finally causing blocked drains. This can happen anytime, every that it happens, it is least expected and thus you must check the drainage system every now and then.
  • Toiletries: It’s not new to see people flushing off nappies and toilet papers into the toilet, but this may not be the right thing for your plumbing system. There are times when flushing too many toiletries at once can block the system in no time, as these get stuck and prevent the flow of water. To ensure that this does not occur, flush out the toiletries one by one in a steady manner.
  • Foreign Particles: There many objects that can accidentally drop into the drain. These can be anything ranging from food scraps, jewelry, soaps, bathroom toys or other such elements that would get stuck within the system. Such objects must be handled carefully and if you drop them at all then contact a professional at once to remove them from the system and thus avoid blocked drains.

Know the Reasons to Avoid Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

Not just about the foul smell or slow movement of water, blocked drains can result in severe water damage too, affecting the structural integrity of the building to a greater extent. That’s not all; this can even leave its impact on the walls, furniture, ceilings and other elements that come in the presence of water that comes out from the system.

Therefore, save your property from blocked drainage system by analyzing the various things that get into the system.


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