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How to Bring Home Your Own DIY Blinds

The latest craze about DIY blinds is taking everybody in its fold. So many people have already started researching about the types of blinds and their varieties to decorate the windows of their houses. The idea of making things on their own by taking help and guide from external sources is what most people prefer today. This gives them the freedom of making things their way. So, when you implement the same concept in the making of the blinds, then you may call the creation as DIY blinds, where DIY stands for ‘do it yourself’. However, it is not necessary that every DIY blind is made by the person using it. Customized DIY blinds are also readily available online.


What Are Blinds?

Blinds are urban form of curtains which have been in use for a few decades now. They are quite popular for the sophisticated, urban, clean and organized look they bring to the interiors. Blinds come in various designs and styles. Every country has influenced the making of the blinds in their own way and some of the popular designs have become a signature style of the blinds industry. This is how Venetian blinds and Roman blinds also came into existence. Blinds, nowadays, have become a style statement for all interior designers and styling fanatics, who are trying to decorate a new house or remodeling the old one.

In fact, blinds bring in freshness and are easier to operate, handle, maintain and care than conventional fabric curtains. Moreover, the pleated neat and clean look makes them all the more attractive and is also soothing to the eyes. Undoubtedly, blinds do much more than curtains in maintaining light entry, air entry, privacy and adding aesthetics to a room.

Why Try DIY Blinds?

There are many blinds readily available in the market. But, if you want to explore your creativity and bring in some personal touch to the designs you already have in hand, then you can always try DIY blinds. This way you can give a makeover to an old blind at your home.  In DIY blinds, you can adopt tricks to hide or totally change the old style with the addition of vibrant and fresh fabric. You can do this pretty well, if you have old blinds at home.  Doing this is also a good way to use salvaged or worn off old blinds that still have their structural strength. However, if you believe that your old blinds may not last few years more even after the makeover, then you can always turn towards the readily available DIY blinds available in the market.

DIY Blinds
DIY Blinds

How to Do Make-Over of An Old Blind?

Blinds are made of slats. You can cut the strings and break off and pull out any number of slats that you want. Add some fabric of your choice over the slats and then you can either stitch it or stick it with the help of glue. This way any old blind can get a brilliant makeover. However, doing this needs some idea, guidance and time from your end. In case, you are unsure of giving it a perfect finish, then you can always order custom blinds online.

Easy Ordering

You can order DIY blinds online as well. In that case, you will have to tell all the specifications in details, on the basis of which, the blind will be redesigned. The final outcome will be as per your visualization. This way your blinds will stand out from others and you will not be buying the same thing which others are also buying. Customized blinds are the best way to nurture your creativity to heights and get something which suits your style and interiors.


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