Things You Need to Know About A Podiatrist Before Your First Visit

When you make a decision to visit a podiatrist for the first time, there are many questions that pop up in your mind about the professional. And it is your right to know the answers, so that you know what exactly to expect from the expert, what all can you discuss with him and how he can help you in solving your issues. More importantly, before visiting a podiatrist, you must be sure that he/she is the one who can solve your issues effectively.


What’s the Difference Between A Podiatrist and Chiropodist?

This is a common question that people usually ask. Interestingly, chiropodists are also podiatrists. In fact, both the names refer to the same profession, carried on with the same knowledgebase and same levels of expertise. Both are certified the same way. It is just a difference in name that came up with the urban styling. Chiropodists are now known as podiatrists, these days. Except the name, nothing has changed.

Why Visit A Podiatrist?

As you know, your feet take pressure of the entire body weight and there is also lot of body movements throughout the day, and so sometimes, it can take a toll on your feet. Therefore, the feet need extra care and pampering to go on and on.  If you feel there is some ailment or issue related to your feet, then showing it to a podiatrist should be your top priority. Any feet related problem, like any other health problem, should be taken very seriously and the best person to talk about it is a podiatrist, who is an expert in handling and solving such problems.

What to Expect on Your First Visit?

The first visit to a podiatrist is generally a good experience as you get to see that any feet problems can get diagnosed and treated with special care. It is a relief to see that many local skin issues and toenail issues can get resolved with some care and medicines. Usually, an expert first takes a look at your feet and does an analysis of the patient’s health. In the process, he will ask you more related questions and also clear your apprehensions as well. When the analysis is complete, the expert may ask you to undertake certain medical tests for diagnosing the ailment and for deciding the further course of action. If the problem can be resolved in one day, then the needful is done at the earliest. Corns, calluses, and ingrown nails can be cured in a single visit only.

Training of Podiatrists

These health professionals receive training that is almost similar to what normal physicians get. To become podiatrist, they have to complete four years of medical college training followed by three years of internship in a residential program at a hospital. After that doctors can specialize in the fields of their choice that may include feet care, diabetic care, pediatrics, sports medicine or surgery.

Visit to a Podiatrist
Visit to a Podiatrist


Those planning their first visit to a podiatrist often think if the professional is board certified or not. Well, these professionals are board certified and till the time they do not get certified, they cannot treat you for any problem. Hence, such concerns should not bother you. In fact, a podiatrist can also perform surgeries on the feet, ankle and around the lower limb, as required. These surgeries can be done for effective treatment of skin, nerve, muscle tissues or bones of the concerned area.

Going to A Podiatrist for Diabetic Care

Diabetic people have to take more care of their feet to stay healthy and combat the disease, effectively. That is why you should visit a podiatrist more often to ensure good feet health. These doctors can also suggest the right diabetic foot wear that you should have.

Finding a podiatrist is not so difficult. You can either check online to find a good doctor or ask people for suggestions. Before fixing an appointment, it is always good to know another patient’s opinion as well.


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