Special Tips to Clean the Sewer Drain

More often than not, people release solid waste into the sewer drain resulting in a blockage. If the problem is not fixed on time, water can overflow on to the surface and provide a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is important to call the plumber to deal with this problem as soon as possible however one can also use the DIY technique to clear the blockage in an easy and hassle-free manner. Here are some of the tips that would be beneficial from a long-term perspective:

Sewer Drain


  • One of the most important tools to be used while dealing with plumbing problems is the heavy duty gloves. They ensure safety and security of the users. While working on a sewer pipe, the sludge can make the hands dirty and cause lots of issues to the users.
  • Pipe wrench is another tool that could be used to accomplish the task with impeccable accuracy. Professional garden hose is also used along with other tools to clean up the dirt.

Loosen the Cap:

  • Loosening the cap would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. In order to complete the job successfully, one should use a pipe wrench.
  • It is quite easy to loosen the cap with minimum effort. One should perform the above-mentioned step before opening the drain.

Opening the Cap:

  • It is vital to open the cap in an impeccable manner and let the dirty water come out. Draining is essential to pull out the dirt and dust from the pipe.
  • When the solid stuff is too big, it may not come out and block the flow of water to pass through. You can also allow the dirt to flow through the drain before you start with the cleaning process.

Augur Cable and The Draining Pipe:

  • The augur cable should be connected to the drainage pipe for the seamless flow of water.
  • Structure of the plumbing snake is different; therefore, you should buy the stuff that meets the requirements in an easy and hassle-free manner.
  • One of the most important steps is to insert the cable until it hits the solid waste sitting inside the pipe.
  • Without removing the obstruction, you may not be able to clean the sewage. After hitting the right spot, it is quite difficult for the cable to move through the pipe.
Pipe Clearing

Running the Augur:

Running the augur could go a long way in clearing the dirt and dust from the pipe. After a period of time, the water in the pipe gets drained out. One of the indications is that the level of the liquid drops down within a very short amount of time.

You should not stop the machine as soon as the augur disappears. One may also find smaller pockets in the pipe that have to be cleared. With the augur, it is possible to make the whole process easy for the users.

Hose Down the Pipe:                                                               

People should pull the hose down to remove the clog and spray the water with impeccable velocity. If you are doing the task simultaneously, it is possible to remove the debris from the bottom of the pipe.

Pulling the Augur:

One needs to pull the augur out the pipe before they try to hose off the debris. It is vital to remove both the pipes to block the flow of water after the cleanup task.

One should place the cap on the pipe to prevent the entry of the debris. If they persist for a long time in the water, the overflow can seep into the homes and cause damage.



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