Container Trucks: What You Should Know?

In the heavily industrialized world of 21st Century, container trucks play a vital role carrying loads from one location to another. The speed of transportation by road helps keep up the supply of food and other essential items. Trucks can be of various kinds- delivery trucks, livestock trucks, concrete mixer trucks, dump trucks, side-loader trucks etc.

Industrial containers cannot be transported from one place to another in normal trucks. Side-loader trucks are specialized in handling this kind of loads. The side loader containers are like several different flatbed trailers, however with one main difference. The trailer comes with 2 crane mechanisms that are placed on ends of the trailer chassis. Therefore, cargo containers are the main freight that a side-loader truck carry. The lifting mechanisms on the ends permit the loader or operator to raise and place a typical ISO container on Side Loader Containers. The hydraulic cranes are designed to take up containers kept on the ground, from railway wagons, or from different vehicles wherever the containers are placed. Depending on the country in which the trailer is operated, the side loader container is additionally called self-loading trailer or self-loading truck, side loader, swing lifter, box mover, instrumentality picker, and plenty of different names.

sideloader transport service
Sideloader Transport Service

Benefits of Side-Loader Containers: 

  • Maximises Movement: With an easy to use nature, side loader container ensures that an ISO container goes through maximum movement in a day. The two hydraulic cranes can pick up containers easily and transport them to certain destinations. The minimal human effort ensures there is no delay increasing overall productivity. 
  • Reduction in cost: The driver of side loader containers has the required knowledge to operate the cranes present on board. They are usually the ones that lift the containers. There is no need for extra workers in order to operate the crane. This reduces the cost of operation. 
  • Easy maintenance: Most side loader containers are made up of simple parts that are easily available in the market. This helps to repair and to maintain the trucks very easy and cost-effective. The parts being cheap, add to cost-cutting using the side loader containers. 
  • Great Durability: These trucks come with great durability and do not require frequent servicing or maintenance. 
  • Can Handle Sensitive Cargo: The cargo can be of varied types. Some are hazardous to health and cannot be handled by human beings, some are fragile and may break due to the carelessness of workers and some are very valuable and require extra care to be handled. The Side Loader Containers is perfect for any of the three aforementioned types of cargo. It handles them with ease. 
  • Can Facilitate Stacking: In cases where space is limited, stacking is the only option for carrying maximum cargo at once. The flatbed nature of the side loader containers and the ISO containers enable the onboard crane to stack the ISO containers on top of one another. This is especially helpful for limited spaces. 

The continuous advancement in technology has faced problems and has demanded different solutions moving forward. side loader containers are an example of a solution provided to meet the changing technological scenarios. There may be further developments to the present-day side loader containers. But surely these containers will serve as a stepping stone going into the technological future.


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