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Kitchen Renovation Trends Of 2019 You Should Know

Kitchen remodeling is perplexing for those who have never done it before. They are often confused about where to start kitchen renovations. Before you begin the kitchen remodeling project, it is better to know the latest kitchen renovation trends and determine your budget. When it comes to kitchen renovation, your budget matters a lot. First, you need to determine what you want to achieve or what look you want to create. For a seasoned host, avid cook or in the busy families, the kitchen is the main area of the house. The kitchen is one such space in the household where function and form play an important role. The latest kitchen renovation trends given in this section come directly from the leading interior designers.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation

Quartz Countertop Will Be Requested by Many Homeowners

2019 is the year to welcome quartz countertops once again. Although various materials for countertops come and go, you may choose quartz countertop. Quartz countertop has a sort of brilliant finish. The material has a timeless appeal and it is also virtually indestructible. But you must be careful when placing hot pans. Avoid placing the extremely hot pan on the surface. You can get quartz in multiple colors and you can also mix and match colors that match to your wall and floors also.

Time to Say ‘Goodbye’ To Granite

While we say ‘Goodbye’ to 2018, we can also bid adieu to granite for the countertop in the kitchen. Granite was popular in 2000 and till the year 2005 but no more. Homeowners do not prefer to use granite for it is porous and traps dust and dirt. Granite, although it is tough and does not get stained very much, you can surely get rid of the habit to use granite and use some other materials instead.

No More White Kitchens

White kitchens definitely look beautiful and have timeless appeal. But, 2019 will not see white kitchens anymore. There are several brilliant alternatives to a white kitchen. If you add a splash of color to your white kitchen, it can look richer and more beautiful. Beautiful and colorful kitchens carry intoxicating looks. Another reason for choosing colorful kitchen is that it is tough to maintain white kitchens. If everything is white in the kitchen, you will have to work harder to clean the kitchen.

Say ‘Hi’ To Moodier Tone

Don’t go for bright and optic white but rather consider colorful shades that create moodier tone in the kitchen. Moodier tones pave the way for richer and more beautiful kitchens. Dramatic green is the colour of 2019 and so try and incorporate this colour shade. Vibrant tones are also preferred for they add to the energy sense and invite warmth to the kitchen space. Bright and beautiful colour shades may evoke positive spirit.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

Matte Finish Will Rule Everywhere

We see matte in everything, and this applies to the kitchen as well. The matte finish has a sort of slick touch which is so much admired. Matte cabinets, matte appliances look great. Previously embraced by the showrooms, matte has made its way to the kitchens.

Embracing Darker Kitchens

Darker kitchens are more popular than white as they add to the elegance of a household. Darker tones in the kitchen or the dark kitchens add to the zeal. They are a better alternative to those standard ivories.

The Time to Mix and Match

To add an element of surprise to the kitchen, we will see a mix and match of colours. All throughout the kitchen, you may also add a sense of play by adding contrasts.

In 2019, there will be a greater shift towards embracing eco-friendly appliances that help to save energy. Modern homeowners will try and create a living room out of the kitchen by adding certain elements like TV and refrigerators.


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