5 Key Benefits of Using Self Adhesive Rubber Products

Self-adhesive rubber strips and bumpons that are widely being used across various industries including workshops. They come in different size, length and color from which you can pick the one best suited to your needs. Apart from using in workshops, we can also use them in different DIY or any pet project in our houses. In this article, we will talk about how self-adhesive rubber strips and bumpons can be used for different household works. Go through the article and work like a pro in whatever project you choose later on.

Self Adhesive Rubber

#1. Weather-Stripping

The key objectives of weather-stripping in your doors and windows are to prevent dust and air from leaking through the gaps that are otherwise present.  Weather-stripping needs repair or re-installment if it has become leaky. In addition, your weather-stripping will not work correctly if it has not been installed properly.

If your rooms are air-conditioned then a leaky door or window can lead to the loss a significant amount of energy. However, with the help of self-adhesive rubber strips, you can cover all such gaps to prevent any leakage of air or water in your doors and windows.

#2. Protect Home Appliances

Adhesive rubber bumpons can also be used to protect your home appliances. Apart from helping homeowners to fix picture frames and mirrors, they can also be of great help them in protecting home appliances, kitchen cabinet doors, cutting board, glass table top and many other things.

Bumpons can help your furniture to stand perfectly. You can use them in stand tables, chairs, bed stands, couches and other stuff inside your rooms.   These bumpons can not only small products but can also bear a significant amount of weight to support heavy products.  They can be used for a long period of time.

#3. A Damage Control Solution

You will be happy to learn that self-adhesive rubber bumpons can prevent frequent damages to your floors, carpets, doorframes, walls, countertops and other important stuff from the scratches of moving heavy objects on them.

You can attach a bumpon to the header of every footing of the object and it will be an effective solution for wear resistance. Bumpons come with tremendous load-bearing capacity and they will always protect your surfaces from wear and tear.

#4. Lessens the Impact

You can use self-adhesive rubber bumpons as shock absorbers. The vibration of a door slamming is definitely and disturbing phenomena and you cannot bear it for a long period. Bumpons are used as a shock absorber to lessen the impact of shutting doors, windows, drawers and other appliances that can lead to a peaceful environment inside the house.

Adhesive bumpons can perfectly fit in your budget as they are very not expensive things.  If you are not happy with the sound of different furniture and home appliances you can use this cost-effective force stabilizer to lessen the impact of different forces. It can also absorb shocks caused by sliding doors, glass doors and other stuff.

#5. Use as Noise Reducer

Self-adhesive rubber bumpons can be used to reduce unwanted noises caused by doors, windows, kitchen cabinet doors and many other things in our house. You can use these bumpons in your bedrooms, kitchens, bureaus, bathrooms and any other source area of noises.

Most of the homeowners use the adhesive rubber bumpons to protect their floors from scratch and stains. They can absorb noises and vibrations caused by the door, windows, drawers and other stuff along with protecting any surface from damage. If you are trying to find a solution for all of these, try self-adhesive rubber bumpons and see the difference.


These are some points that will help you a lot in terms of making the right type of selection of Self-adhesive rubber along with the cost in association with the same.

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