Tips for Muay Thai Pads Shopping

Muay Thai Pads

Muay Thai is a form of martial art which involves the use of Muay Thai pads during training. Since Muay Thai kickboxing practice and training sessions involve kicking, punching, elbow stoke and knee stoke drills, these pads offer a buffer or cushioning for the sparring partner as well as the sportsperson from injuring oneself or the partner on the first hand. Apart from that, the basic need for this sports gear is to improve speed, technique and power. Muay Thai practices are also possible with solo heavy bag drills, however, in such cases, it gets difficult to try real-time techniques, improve moves and apply different kick styles, which possible with a real partner holding Muay Thai pads.  Thus, it allows you to try and apply different styles of kick and punch moves, rectify errors, and enhance your overall skill. Therefore, this sports equipment finds a place in Muay Thai gyms, training centers, with sportsmen, etc. Since these pads are so important, it becomes imperative to understand how to invest in the right Muay Thai pads. Here we will be unfolding certain details about this pad and will help you understand.

Buying Muay Thai Pads 

These pads are basically segregated according to differences in weights, sizes and shapes. These pads are usually rectangular in shape and are designed in a manner such that they offer high buffer. The cushioning on the pad is responsible for the buffer and hence the quality of the foam should be superior. The exterior covering of the Thai pads is in generally made of synthetic materials or even with leather. For firm holding of the pad, they also have straps at the backside which can be attached to the forearm of the partner thus allowing you to practice well.

So, while buying you need to check the following parameters:

  1. Shape
  2. Foam
  3. Straps

Some of the other factors that you need to consider while buying Muay Thai Pads include the following:

Thickness of Pads

Thai Pads

While you plan to buy Thai pads one of the essential factors to check is the size and thickness of the pads. Since the basic purpose of these pads is to act as a shock absorber, the thickness of the padding determines its true capacity of withstanding forceful kicks over time. However, many people choose to buy small and thin pads since they are easier to hold and do not stress the arms of the partner with their weight. But for true martial art practice of Muay Thai, you need pads which are able to absorb the shocks of power-driven kicks, and yet provide cushioning and safeguard the person wearing the arms as well as the kicker.   While smaller pads might be easier to hold and won’t tire out your arms as much, they won’t provide the same level of protection that thicker pads offer.

Size of Thai Pads 

Another factor that you need to consider is the size of the Muay Thai Pads. They are available in different sizes starting from small to extra large. You can choose the size based on the height and age of the person who is going to practice on this. Smaller pads are preferably better for small height men, kids and also women.

Shape and Design

These pads are available mostly in rectangular pattern shape but are also available in a wide range of variations known as hybrid pads. They are also in curved shape or straight. While the straight ones are used for basic practices and training, curved ones come with a higher difficulty level.

The Rigidity of the Pads 

You also need to focus on the rigidity of the pads, there are some pads which are softer and absorb more energy. These reduce the impact of the shock on your arms. But you must know that the softer pads won’t give you that strong of an impact. Harder Muay Thai Pads give a better impact.

Final Call –

Now the basic tip for buying a good pair of the pad is to check for three things:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Functionality

You need to determine the weight, size, shape of the pads according to these three basic criterions in order to make the best use of your buy. Considering all the factors as a guiding principle, you would be able to buy the right Muay Thai Pads.

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