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5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Choosing Evaporative Coolers

The scorching heat and oppressive weather compel people to install ac or coolers. While ACs are the more expensive option, evaporative coolers are the cheaper alternative. Evaporative coolers work on the principle of evaporation that leads to cooling, thus its more effective particularly in the hot and dry condition. These are cheaper options for ensuring better cooling. However, if you deciding to buy one, then there are certain points that you must take into account. So, here we list a few questions which you need to ask yourselves first to get the best suited air cooler for you.

Evaporative Coolers

#1. Checking air quality:

One of the most important factors while choosing an evaporative cooler is the air quality it produces. Most of these coolers come with the inbuilt feature of air purification which ensures that the air coming from the cooler is pure and free from allergens. You must know here, that the more advanced and equipped coolers will come at a higher price as compared to the normal ones. Good quality of air production saves a lot of your effort and money post sale, as minimum after sales service is required for good air quality coolers.

#2. Hardware:

Hardware plays a crucial role in deciding a good air cooler. Every evaporative cooler has certain aspects like the cooling pads, high speed fans which facilitate in pushing out the cool air. Thus, knowing the basic hardware is important to choose a good air cooler. Some basic parts include:

  • Motor wiring: You must choose the cooler which has copper wiring. These are more durable and guanrtee longevity of the motor. Aluminum or other wiring might be cost effective, but the quality is massively compromised.
  • Cooling pad: For efficient and effective cooling, a cooler need to have the perfect cooling pad having perfect size and thickness. Generally, the bigger and thicker cooling pads are seen to have a better performance in terms of cooling.
  • Airflow volume: Airflow volume should be very thoroughly examined as some suppliers bluff the customers by putting in a higher value than on the specification sheet.

#3. Durability:

Longevity and durability are the most important factors to consider while buying an evaporative cooler. A cooler should be able to last long and provide service efficiently. An anti-corrosive insulated body is compulsory to prevent rust.

#7. Case thickness:

The case material should be fresh and not be built from old or recycled materials. This ensures a longer life. Thickness should generally be higher. The thicker, the better.

#4. Case material:

The same goes for case material that if made from fresh material, it would last for around 10 years while if it is made from recycled parts, and the longevity reduces to 2 years or less.

#5. Good air cooler manufacturer:

There are a number of brands available in the market, but not every brand can guarantee you a quality product. Hence you must do proper research while choosing the cooler. They must have a good reputation in the market and after sale services. Both these factors ensure that the company is readily available to help you in times of emergencies. You must also compare the pricing before purchasing.

Choosing a type of manufacturer:

Before deciding upon air coolers, you need to choose type of air cooler you need. Whether you need an outsourced service of a foreign company or local manufacturer. One comes with a cheap labor cost and might be advantageous while some might be a tad expensive. Browse through different websites of manufacturers and settle down upon a conclusion which will be both advantageous and affordable.

Choosing an evaporative cooler can sometimes be quite frustrating and time consuming. But the above tips will surely help you to assess the kind and quality of the product you need. These are a good choice when it comes to dry and hot conditions, these coolers might not work in humid conditions, but now we also have coolers which come with humidity control feature so that you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling.


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