What Are The Different Types of Available Generators?

A generator is a type of electrical equipment that is capable of producing and delivering AC power and works with some sort of fuel, usually petrol or diesel. They are normally used in areas where conventional electric supply from the grid may not be available and hence they can deliver power for smooth operation. This piece of machinery can be available in many different types depending upon one’s use. Although any generator can be used for a purpose yet it can be worthwhile to use a correct set for an application.

Generators can be classified as inverter generators, domestic generators, commercial/industrial generators, recreational generators, and trade generators. In the following sections, we try to understand each one of them so that purchasing a unit can be easy depending upon their individual use.

  • Inverter Generator: Inverter generator has been popular in recent years due to the swelling number of campers and outdoor enthusiasts who travel across the country. This type of portable Genset can be easily carried along so that travelers can get uninterrupted power through their journey. The power that is obtained from the machine is clean and can easily be used for electronic equipment like phones and laptop. Moreover, the fuel consumption and noise of this equipment can be said to be the least among all variants. Since it is a small unit, the price of these generators is also less compared to the others.
  • Domestic Generators: There can be many types of domestic generators but the moot point remains that these machines can be used for delivering power at one’s home. They are especially designed for domestic purposes and can deliver power from 1,000 watts to an excess of 6,000 watts. They can also be available in auto-start or AVR variants depending upon one’s personal preference and suitability. Some of them that produce less power can be expected to be portable whereas more power-producing units can be bulkier.
  • Commercial/Industrial Generators: As the name indicates, commercial/industrial generators are meant for commercial applications and they can usually produce large amounts of power. This type of Genset can produce at least 6 kVa (kilo volt-amperes) and can go all the way up to 20 kVa or even more. Therefore, they will be heavy-duty sets that can take care of all types of applications in an establishment. They can be available in single-phase as well as three-phase options.
  • Recreational Generators: Recreational generators are a sort of inverter generator that produces power from 1,000 watts over 3,000 watts. They can be available in many types of designs and will be portable so that they can easily be taken along with at a place where grid power may not be available. They do not emit much noise and the fuel efficiency of these units can be expected to be quite high. For all types of recreational activities like camping, picnics, etc., these types of Gensets can be quite helpful.
  • Trade Generators: Small business owners, tradesmen, and agricultural workers can benefit from trade generators as these are designed for all types of occupations. They can be available from 2kVa up to 40kVa so that many types of jobs can be done using power from them. They can be available in conventional, AVR voltage control and inverter systems and can work on either petrol or diesel. This type of generator can be very suitable for all types of work and hence their name.

These are the major types of generators that are available in the market today. Depending upon one’s use and application, either of them can be selected so that power can be achieved for business, recreation or home.

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