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All That You Need To Know About Self Leveling Concrete From The Experts

Are you considering laying self leveling concrete over a large area in your property? IF so, then this write-up will give you a fair idea of what you will require and what to expect. Typically, the self leveling concrete is designed in a strategic way to dry very quickly. This is especially true for most of the brands found in large home improvement stores. The biggest task while using the self leveling concrete is the fact how soon it can dry. This is difficult to get to the entrance or wall-bound areas in the larger areas once the pour has begun. There are some more points that you need to know beforehand to get the best outcome in a project.

Facts To Know

The best-case scenario for this is to use a minimum thickness which is consistent over an entire surface. We can safely use about half an inch. Using the self leveling concrete becomes more challenging in the larger areas which tend to have differences in the height of the surface.

When you are preparing to install self leveling concrete for a larger area, the experts recommend purchasing of self leveling concrete with longer drying time. There are several products available that offer a 15-minute dry time instead of the usual five-minute dry time. The 15-minutes drying tome self-leveler will most likely to be bought from a distributor. You should not try out a five-minute dry time leveler when it is a large area as the end results fetched would not be that good.

You will require multiple people for a large project. The specialists recommend five people for a job of 225 square feet, especially if one is experienced with self leveling concrete. With adequate experience, you can get away with only four persons but nothing less than that. When conducting larger jobs, this is a good idea to break up the pours over the passage of multiple days.

Self Leveling Concrete (2).jpg
Self Leveling Concrete

You should necessarily plan the pour in advance and to prepare all the materials required for the job. For pouring in a large area successfully, you need to ensure that the planning is done well in advance for fetching the best results.

Typically, the tools needed for a self-labeling job are self-labeling concrete, drills, and buckets. The specialists recommend that at least five-gallon buckets should be arranged for this job, but the more, the better. You will also need to arrange for a few heavy-duty power drills with heavy duty 18-inch drywall mixing blades. You need to use a powerful drill and appropriate mixing blade. One should not use small mixing-blade or cordless grills for best results. You will require something to help spread and also level the concrete.

This is crucial to ensure that the room is prepped prior to the pour. You need to ensure that the area has good borders and you may have to put in the temporary border for pouring. You will require priming the concrete slab for the self-leveler. Most of the self-levelers have directions for following the necessary steps. When you are ready to pour fill the buckets with the specified amount of water for one bag of self-leveler. The specialists recommend marking the bucket with the amount of water which is required and use the same as a guide for the remaining jobs to be done. You may want to rotate through the buckets throughout the entire process, so this is where more buckets come in handy.


The self leveling concrete has several applications but the process of installing the same is quite sensitive and thus this should be taken care of properly and experienced professionals should be employed to get the job done.


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