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5 Reasons To Go To a Timber Cladding Supplier

Timber cladding is nothing, but separate pieces of timber installed on the outdoor part of your walls to protect them from foreign elements. It is said to be an excellent method to prevent your home from any type of damage and serves as a decorative aspect to its look. It can be used for domestic as well as commercial properties as there is a rise in its popularity due to the insulating properties, sustainability and it is visually pleasuring. It is also used in the interiors nowadays and for this reason, timber cladding suppliers are in great demand.

It is loved by architects and designers worldwide because of its properties and because it is a very effective way of experimenting with the appearance of any building. So, the following are the reasons why you should go to a timber cladding supplier for a makeover of your homes.

Timber Cladding (2).jpg
Timber Cladding

1. Versatility

If you are a creative person and like to experiment with designs and styling your home, this will be your soul material. As it is merged with other different materials to clad it to your home, it will enhance the look of your building or house. This will let you mix and match with different materials to create various patterns and designs for your property. Also, along with the look factor, it is also good for insulation and protecting your building from harmful elements on the outside. It will also be an add-on when your property goes on re-sale. So, it is good to call a timber cladding supplier to make your home beautiful and strong.

2. Durable

Fine slits and scratches on timber cladding are less prominent than on other cladding materials. It offers a high impact resisting capacity which is helpful in reducing damages of any kind to your home. Also, you can ask your timber cladding supplier to do a special treatment on your order to improve its durability, thus making your timber more fire resistant and compliant. Also, you can ask for types of timber cladding made of a material that tends to last longer than any other type of cladding material.

3. Installation                                              

The installation of timber cladding can be done as a DIY project as it is a very easy and quick method to perform. However, you are free to hire a professional carpenter for installation if you don’t want to do it by yourself or want to avoid heavy lifting. Although timber cladding is usually treated before installing, make sure that your cladding is naturally resistant or is pre-treated from your timber cladding supplier.

4. Insulator

Timber cladding is said to offer natural insulation as hardwood is found to possess a high level of heat retention and thermal properties. Hence, using timber cladding in the indoors or outdoors of your house will provide it with insulation so that your house structure is efficiently ventilated, eventually making it better with energy efficiency. You can also add extra insulating materials by your choice for additional efficiency.

5. Eco-friendly

Timber is a material that involves the use of minimal amount of fossil fuels for production which is very less as compared to other construction material. It is a naturally renewable resource which is not the same for other non-renewable construction materials. Also, it is totally recyclable, renewable, and sustainable which proves it to be an eco-friendly material. It has tended to become a staple for eco homes that are being built all around the world as people have been more aware of its environmental benefits.

Thus, when you know about all these wonderful benefits of timber cladding, you will be tempted to go to a timber cladding supplier for your home.


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