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The Best Air-Conditioning Platforms For Favorable Results

There are several engineering companies that are dedicated to value engineering solutions and they provide the quickly assembled and lightweight platforms made of aluminum with complete specifications consisting of 3D Revit files, CAD renders, etc. The complete procedure of developing the design, building the air conditioning platforms and finally the installation is being operated with professional expertise by the professional engineering companies operating in this sector. The surface mounted air-conditioning platforms are a perfect solution for the packaged air-con units and several types of other mechanical equipment.

There is a growing range of aluminum air conditioning platforms that are built using advanced technology and are undoubtedly generations ahead of the conventional steel platforms and are responsive to the exact requirements of the projects. These air conditioning platforms manufacturers are adept in offering the screening as well as acoustic solutions that perfectly integrate with the platforms and provide excellent sound isolation while complementing the right architecture. As a result, this keeps the tenants, neighbors and local councils happy and contented.

Air-Conditioning Platform (2)
Air-Conditioning Platform

The robust systems reduce the labor costs and lead times by elimination of the need for back flashing and large penetrations. They also provide adequate flexibility for the easy roof-top positioning and also fast assembly. The best part is that there is nothing to measure, cut, drills or weld. These penetration free platforms are quickly bolted together on the respective sites and can be very easily assembled. Thus, these air-conditioning platforms are the best alternatives to the expensive traditional steel platforms which were used in the yesteryear. These air-conditioning platform manufacturing companies work cohesively with several expert mechanical engineers, consultants, architects, refrigeration contractors, air conditioning contractors and several other related trades for providing their facilities of air conditioning platforms to them.

Features Of Standard Air-Conditioning Platforms

The standard air-conditioning platforms are available in various shapes and also can be made with custom frames. There are several ranges of air conditioning platforms available in the market and they have the capacity of supporting air-conditioning units weighing from 100 kg to 1500 kg depending on the structure of the roof. The frames of these air conditioning platforms are dimensional configurable during the designing stage both in terms of height and footprint. This adds up to the best HVAC systems.

Some of the typical applications of air-conditioning platforms are placement of the outer units of split and VRV/VRF ac systems, air-source heat pumps, air handling units, supply and extract fans, compressors, filters, and attenuators.

Air Conditioning Platforms
Air Conditioning Platforms

Specifications Of The Air-Conditioning Platforms

The air-conditioning platforms are majorly built of non-corrosive aluminum sections, aluminum walkway grating and aluminum plates. The bolts are made up of stainless steel. There are nitrile pads that are being used in between the roof materials and aluminum components.

When it comes to the point of the dimension of the air-conditioning platforms, then they increase in 600mm increments. The size of the platform should be the minimum in size of the unit that is to be installed plus it has to be 600 mm on all the sides where the access to removable panels is highly required.

Most of the good and trusted manufacturers of air-conditioning platforms offer 5 years warranty against the product defects, installation and workmanship provided the air-conditioning platforms are correctly used by the consumers and maintained as per norms at regular intervals.


The best air-conditioning platforms are readily available in the market and can be customized as per your requirements as well. They can be used for a number of applications and thus the demand for air conditioning platforms is very high in the market.


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