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Textured Render Finish For The Exteriors Of The House

Traditionally the external house was coated with two to three layers of paintings on the external walls. But with changing technologies that have been modernized to the new form of exterior paintings. The new paintings and designs based on the textured render finish have added beauty with usability.

The Different Uses Of A Textured Render Finish:

Textured Render Finish
Textured Render Finish
  • Insulation:

The external facades on the walls can be insulated by the new features of the wall paints. The paints on the walls can prevent heat or cold to other external problems like insects causing damages.

  • Durable:

The durability of the exterior has increased with the textures apart from the coats of primers applied on the exterior of the buildings. The plastered wall is prevented from any damps and damages of the walls along with the reduction of heat entering the walls.

  • External Feature Aesthetics:

As you move around the lane starting from your house you can find several houses with unique styles and designs. The external features aesthetics are enabling to design new based on new ideas on the walls. The fascinating looks have been able due to modern aesthetics.

Different Types Of Texture Render Finish For The Exterior Walls:

  • Textured render finish Bag mix

One of the cheapest and traditional forms of textured render finish that is inexpensive and long-lasting. The simplified ways to apply on the walls after layers of plaster, different textures are carved on the walls that are added after the plastering of walls.

  • Texture coats

One of the oldest forms of painting walls is the texture coating on the exterior walls. Both interior and exterior walls can be coated with the colors; the different types of texture can be obtained by the pigments in the textures. When applied for the requirement of a natural finishing the texture coats are added. The textured render finish that provides high performance of the paints.

  • Trowel

The trowel is a wooden or metal made tool. This is used to smoothen the surface of the outer surface through skimming the external final coat to render the exterior of the building.

  • Ready Mixed paintings 
Textured Render Finish
Textured Render Finish

The mixture is a ready mix. Classy and trendy appearance can be obtained by the ready-mix textured render finish.  This is a refined base of plaster thorough blended with the gypsum and few selected polymers. Apply it is a traditional form or in a new form in both the cases the substance or paint can be applied with different thickness of the coats. The thickness can be range from 1mm to 100 mm.

  • Acrylic textures

Acrylic textures can be applied to the pre-existing paints. The textures can cover the cracks, damages on the walls and reduce further chances of wall damages. In other paints, it becomes important to remove the older layers of the paints to add new layers of paints on the walls. But the different attractive coats can be the textured render finish which has not only new attractive coats of paints but includes strength and strong renders.

  • Stucco finish

The stucco paints can be of cement or lime applied with different textures by the skilled plasterers.

Artistic and pleasant textures are possible through the stucco textured render finish. The decorations that are durable after facing and resisting the different atmospheric pressures and temperatures.

The exterior walls textured render finish is different from the interior. The interior walls painting and rendering vary because the interior wall is less exposed directly to the external atmosphere while the external surface has directly exposed to the atmosphere. So, accordingly, the implantation of coats and paints of the textured render finish differs.

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