What is Myopia Control?

The term myopia refers to the problem of not being able to watch items that have been placed far away from the eyes. On the contrary this eye defect does not hold any power over seeing objects which are close to the eye. The defect has been recognised as a problem of the elongation of the eyes. This eye defect is increasing alarmingly over the years and one of the common reasons why we find most people suffering from this problem are sitting in front of screens for long periods which leads to focusing the light on the front of our retina and making it difficult for us to view objects which have been placed far away.

As said previously this eye defect has become a major problem in the society as we find so many children and adults behind screens. Hence in order to keep a check on this defect the doctors have come up with a plan for the purpose of controlling this defect. They have called this treatment plan myopia control which will help us in controlling the progression of this defect.

Myopia Control

Categories of Myopia Control

As said previously this treatment plan is imperative for children to avoid the progression of the defect. There are many factors that we have to take into consideration so that we can ensure the perfect treatment plan for children. Let us now talk about the different categories that re involved in the treatment so that you can analyse the best treatment for your child in myopia control.

Multifocal Eyeglasses

One of the most traditional methods of correcting any form of eye defect has been the use of eye glasses. These help us in making sure that the light is not focusing on the front of retina and is focusing on the back of the retina which allows us to view objects that have been placed far away from our line of vision. We should note that when treating myopia, we usually use only the convex lenses for the purpose of correcting our vison but with this treatment plan we use the concave lenses as well to speed the process of the healing of the elongation of our eye. However, in many studies it has been found that children might experience slower healing process with glasses as compared to other forms of treatment. Therefore, you should have a look at all the treatment plans that are available for myopia control to ensure that you choose the best pathway for your child.


Multifocal Contacts

Similar to the multifocal glasses the multi focal contact lenses are also having both corrective measures for near sightedness and far sightedness. However, these are commonly used as corrective measures for people who suffer from presbyopia but in many recent studies it has been found that such lenses are very effective for myopia control as well. It has also been proven that with the help of such multi focal lenses children can slow down their myopia progression by 50%. Hence, we can positively conclude that this is a great tool for ensuing that we can treat our myopic conditions of the eyes.


Orthokeratology can be described as a treatment in which we use gas permeable contact lenses that allow us to wear them during our sleep hours. With the help of these ortho-k lenses we can easily avoid wearing lenses during the day as these help in reducing the elongation of our eyes throughout the night. In many studies also it has been proven that these are an effective way of reducing the eye ball elongation problem, thus correcting our eye defect by myopia control.

Therefore, as you can see these are the three main categories of treating our myopic condition in children. However, we should know that these treatments are most effective in children rather than adults. Hence you should consult an optometrist immediately for treating our children’s eye condition.

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