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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hot Water System

Choosing the right water heating system can be a confusing task if you are doing it for the first time. An efficient water heating system installed in your house can help you in many ways and that is why you should take care of some important factors when choosing one.


Homeowners can consider buying a new water heating system for many reasons. It can be the replacement of an old and defective one, energy-efficiency or simple an upgrade as a part of home renovation. If you are planning to install a new system for better hot water service, you should keep some of the important things in mind.

1. Size and Capacity 

Water heating systems are available for both residential and commercial use and you have to pick the best one according to your needs. Size and capacity are going to be a vital factor when it comes to heating systems and you have to pick the accurate size for maximum efficiency.

If it is centralized or tank-style heating system, then you have to check the number of bathrooms connected to the system. If it is a localized or tank-less heating system, then you have to calculate the number of users. The intensity of use will also be a key factor. People often use hot water for kitchen use and you have to take care of such issues when choosing a hot water system for greater hot water service.

2. Energy Source

This is one of the most important parts in the process of buying a new water heating system, as the source of the energy will determine how energy-efficient the system will be. A water heating system can be powered by electricity, geothermal energy, oil, natural gas and solar energy.

Electricity is the most preferred option chosen by homeowners. When choosing the right energy source for your hot water service, make sure the energy is easily available and you will not have to pay a huge amount toward electricity.

3. Space and Distributing Methods 

Space can be a vital factor if you choose a large-sized water heating system, as it will need a dedicated room inside or outside of your house. Hence, when choosing a water heating system, make sure it will fit well in available space; otherwise, you have to arrange more space for it.

Now coming to the distribution methods, you can distribute the hot water from the main heating system in many ways. Many homeowners use forced air methods to circulate hot water. You can talk to a local plumber or hot water service provider to choose the right distribution system.


4. Choose the Right Brand

Not all the brands manufacture the same quality water heating system and that is why you have to look at the brand when buying a water heating system for your house or commercial property. When choosing a brand, make sure to analyze the pros and cons of those machines.

Check out the ratings of their products and read customers’ reviews to learn about their experience. The product should not be too much expensive. You should avoid cheap products at the same time to get the best hot water service.

5. Cost

Whenever thinking about installing a new water heating system, think about the cost of the entire project. When estimating the whole project cost, you have to include the cost of installation, occasional maintenance, operation, repair and more.

If you have chosen an energy-efficient heating system, make sure the system consumes less energy than average water heating systems.

These are some of the key factors you should keep in mind when investing in a hot water system. Installation is a vital part of the process and you should only prefer reputable service provider for the job to get satisfactory hot water service.

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