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Misconceptions People Have in Mind About Premier Polished Plaster Products

With a wide range of decorative plaster finishes available in the market, polished plaster is the trendiest nowadays. When compared to other wall finishes, venetian plaster is the most versatile. It can be applied to any type of wall exterior or interior.

Since they are made of marble dust, chips and slaked lime they provide a unique look and finish.

A premier polished plaster product produces and manufactures all its design fabrics across the world and has a perfect finish. Over the years, it has slowly developed its formulations with different ingredients to improve fabric longevity and strength.

Most of the time premier polished plaster products and its applications are misconceived. Plenty of people have specific thoughts and aren’t accurate about it, here are several misconceptions concerning painted plasters and why they are not right.

It Is Too Expensive    

It is often misconceived as being expensive. The real truth is yes, it is when compared to that of paint it is expensive. This is because the paint needs to be reapplied every year, whereas Venetian plaster is a one-time investment. The main advantage of this material is that it comes with the benefit of resistance to molds and cracks, unlike concrete. Therefore, with loads of benefits, it’s all worth the money spent. It looks unkempt

It is one of the most common misconceptions that the premier polished products are unkempt and tacky. It is essential that you always take the help of experts when you are dealing with plaster products. This is because, it can be sometimes tricky to use it, and only an expert will know how to handle it well.

Plaster Products 
Plaster Products

Cannot Be Used In Wet Areas

This statement cannot be entirely true with a new range of Polished Plaster products such as Marmorino, stucco using it in wet places is no longer a problem nowadays. Micro cement is the most popular product used in wetlands, which is not technically a polished plaster. For damp environments such as lakes, resorts and baths, Micro Cement, Marmorino, Metallique, and Micro Oxide can be used.

Can I Apply Polished Plaster Myself?

Applying premier plaster products may sound easy, but if you need perfection you need to get it done by a professional. Since there are lots of technical processes involved in it, only an expert can give you the exact finish you are looking for. If you are looking to use some good textured designs, this cannot be done by yourself, the art of trowel handling is itself a great skill, which can be achieved only through proper training and expertise.

Polished Plaster
Polished Plaster

The Designs Are Limited

Have you ever known that polished plasters are in the market for more than a hundred years? People still now believe that there is only one style available without knowing its endless possibilities of overcoming mental and concrete finishes. It’s only through good research and talk with the experts will help you understand the importance of premier polished plaster products.

It Is Only for Walls

Well, the fact is it is mostly used for walls, but with a new range of premier polished plaster products, it is high time that these misconceptions are cleared.  Micro cement are considered to be one of the best alternatives which can be considerably used on the floors. No matter how the floor traffic, Venetian plasters will serve its best without giving you any disappointments.

So now you’re aware of the truth behind premier polished plaster products and some of its significant benefits. It is essential you always do good research before you choose the product for your dream home.

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