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Top 5 Mistakes People Make While Choosing the Inserts for Running Shoes

If you are an athlete, you will know how difficult it becomes to even take a step after rigorous running sessions. Athletes usually use special sports shoes for their training; however, these shoes do not come with extra sole support. As a result, they often suffer from foot aches, like arch pains, inflamed heels, plantar fasciitis, and others.

You know as an athlete you can’t miss a training session or a game because your feet hurt. This is why people purchase inserts for running shoes. However, it is not an easy task, particularly if you are unfamiliar with these insoles. As a result, the likelihood of making mistakes increases, and you must be mindful of these errors.

That is why we have described the most common mistakes people usually make while looking for the most appropriate inserts for your athletic running shoes.

Getting an Improper Arch Height

The first mistake that athletes make when they buy the shoe inserts is by not choosing the proper arch height. Arches are the curvature shapes of your feet, in between the heel and the toes. Under normal condition, the curve helps in distribution of your body weight and prevention of bone and muscle aches in your feet.

But, if you are suffering from flat feet or the high arches, you will have difficulty in running. And that’s where you will need to get the insoles based on your arch type. If the insole and arch styles do not fit, you will experience more pain than before.

Inserts for Running Shoes

Not Caring About the Insole Size

The size of the running shoe inserts can differ from the size of your shoes. It will be determined by the length of the insole, which should be accurate. If you choose the incorrect size, the insole will either not match your whole foot or will inflict more discomfort than it relieves. Let’s say you’re purchasing a full-length insole, but the model you choose is larger than the shoe size. This will cause the support insole’s trimmed edges to bend, causing more harm to the entire product.

Ignoring the Foot Bed Type

Many athletes ignore the foot bed type and randomly buy the inserts for running shoes without understanding the importance of the foot bed. For example, if your feet need the rigid arch support insole and you have bought the cushion padded insole, you will not be able to lessen the pain and correct your posture for running. Hence, you will soon suffer from swollen feet and won’t be able to run properly.

Not Considering the Material Type

Before you get the final inserts for running shoes, you need to ensure that the material is perfect. But people usually don’t consider this since according to them, the choice of material has nothing to do with the benefits of wearing the insoles. However, in reality, the fact is just the opposite because the comfort and efficiency level of the insole will depend on the material with which the insoles are made.

Inserts for Running Shoes

Being Unaware of The Feet Type

Your choice of running shoe inserts will also be influenced by your foot style. Make sure you know how much pronation you have and what kind of pronation you have before choosing an insole. You must choose your insole carefully because if you do not, you will quickly lose your balance. A wrong choice of insole wouldn’t be able to support your weight and keep your body stable.


Getting the right inserts for running shoes is necessary for every athlete. However, if you are not aware of the arch type or do not consider the importance of different foot bed types, you won’t be able to get the right insole. This will further cause the intensity of discomfort to escalate and your pain will worsen further. Hence, make sure to avoid the mistakes we have described here if you do not want to make your feet aches bad.

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